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"Dog tags" is an informal but common term for the identification tags worn by military personnel. The tags are primarily used for the identification of dead and wounded soldiers; they have personal information about the soldiers and convey essential basic medical information, such as blood type and history of inoculations. The tags often indicate religious preference as well. Dog tags are usually fabricated from a corrosion-resistant metal. They commonly contain two copies of the information, either in the form of a single tag that can be broken in half or two identical tags on the same chain. This duplication allows one tag (or half-tag) to be collected from a soldier's body for notification and the second to remain with the corpse when battle conditions prevent it from being immediately recovered. The term "dog tags" arose because of their resemblance to animal registration tags.

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  1. joken

    Left over tags?

    I have never tried to get a left over tag and am wondering if there is a way to find out what the tags will be for? The attempt to purchase has to be online and if my past experience with ODFW's website is any indication of future performance, it will be a waste of time. I suspect most of the...
  2. Superglide

    Oregon draw results in

    The results are shakily coming in tonight. I haven't got mine, but several buddies were able to check theirs. How did you do? I hope someone here pulled that once in a lifetime tag. Good luck to all and hunt safe
  3. FishnhuntOR

    Oregon elk damage tags bill

    Oppose Oregon Elk Damage Bills | Elk Network Please read and notify your representative and appose this ridiculous bill.
  4. Dirtfarmer

    What's up with 2018 Idaho wolf tags?

    I just went to Walmart to buy my Idaho 2018, deer, elk, mountain lion, and wolf tags as some seasons open up the end of this month. I got all the tags except the Wolf tag. The guy behind the counter said there was no listing on his computer for Wolf tags. Everything else was there. Does anyone...
  5. RicInOR

    Tags Issue

    Tags setting requires a minimum of 3 characters. This arbitrary limit should be reviewed. Tags like: OR, WA, CA should be acceptable. Thanks,
  6. UserNameInUse

    "NEW" tags on the forums

    I have a small request regarding the "NEW" tags on forums that contain unread posts. If you go into the forum, mark it read, and come back to the main page the "NEW" tag is still there. If you then refresh the page from your browser the tag goes away. It seems like automatically refreshing...
  7. gesasky

    Can anyone help a Georgia redneck out?

    I recently moved here to Oregon this summer from Georgia and I am trying my best to understand yalls regulations/ tag system. I have never used the tag and points system before and was curious as to the best way to get a tag and acquire these points. Do you have to pay to apply for a tag? Can...
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