In graph theory and network analysis, indicators of centrality identify the most important vertices within a graph. Applications include identifying the most influential person(s) in a social network, key infrastructure nodes in the Internet or urban networks, and super-spreaders of disease. Centrality concepts were first developed in social network analysis, and many of the terms used to measure centrality reflect their sociological origin.
They should not be confused with node influence metrics, which seek to quantify the influence of every node in the network.

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  1. MMMcCoy13

    Relocated from Central Oregon

    Looked up if The Gun Broker was still in business and found the answer on this site. Grew up with firearms and liked what I saw here so I joined! Thank you.
  2. Haftard

    Hunting near south central washington

    So kinda a long shot but ill be working out of town here in a few weeks and would like a little insight on some hunting grounds ... Mostly coyote hunting since its winter time ... But dose anyone know of sone area a guy could go dink off and kill some coyots over by goldendale wa and biggs, or?
  3. D

    Competition venues in North Central WA?

    Have recently gotten back into handguns in a fairly serious way, and would like to find someplace to get involved with competition shooting fairly close to home. Interested in tactical/action shooting vs. bulls-eye. I live in Twisp, about 90 miles north of Wenatchee. Anyone know of anything...
  4. gesasky

    Bugle reports??

    Anybody been hearing any bugles lately?
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