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  1. ATCclears

    Some US landowners putting barbed wire across rivers

    Who owns water? The US landowners putting barbed wire across rivers I don't know what is right or wrong here. I'm posting this simply for awareness, and for those who might own land with a waterway or those considering a property purchase with a waterway.
  2. gesasky

    Can anyone help a Georgia redneck out?

    I recently moved here to Oregon this summer from Georgia and I am trying my best to understand yalls regulations/ tag system. I have never used the tag and points system before and was curious as to the best way to get a tag and acquire these points. Do you have to pay to apply for a tag? Can...
  3. Quartermaster

    Any landowners looking for responsible people to help clear out varmint?

    I wanted to start a thread to ask if anyone with property in Oregon's high desert had some cottontail rabbits they wouldn't mind having fewer of. One of my professors has been doing ecological surveys on rabbits all over the world, and needs more data on cottontails in SE Oregon/Nevada. I was...
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