Bears are carnivoran mammals of the family Ursidae. They are classified as caniforms, or doglike carnivorans. Although only eight species of bears are extant, they are widespread, appearing in a wide variety of habitats throughout the Northern Hemisphere and partially in the Southern Hemisphere. Bears are found on the continents of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Common characteristics of modern bears include large bodies with stocky legs, long snouts, small rounded ears, shaggy hair, plantigrade paws with five nonretractile claws, and short tails.
While the polar bear is mostly carnivorous, and the giant panda feeds almost entirely on bamboo, the remaining six species are omnivorous with varied diets. With the exception of courting individuals and mothers with their young, bears are typically solitary animals. They may be diurnal or nocturnal and have an excellent sense of smell. Despite their heavy build and awkward gait, they are adept runners, climbers, and swimmers. Bears use shelters, such as caves and logs, as their dens; most species occupy their dens during the winter for a long period of hibernation, up to 100 days.
Bears have been hunted since prehistoric times for their meat and fur; they have been used for bear-baiting and other forms of entertainment, such as being made to dance. With their powerful physical presence, they play a prominent role in the arts, mythology, and other cultural aspects of various human societies. In modern times, bears have come under pressure through encroachment on their habitats and illegal trade in bear parts, including the Asian bile bear market. The IUCN lists six bear species as vulnerable or endangered, and even least concern species, such as the brown bear, are at risk of extirpation in certain countries. The poaching and international trade of these most threatened populations are prohibited, but still ongoing.

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  1. B

    Alaskan Animal Sketches by Freda Ballard 1990 - 1997

    Sketches are priced individually and the dimensions are measured from the outside matting border. Most sketches have signatures. $50 Moose 14" X 11" with signature $50 Bear 14" x 11" with signature $50 Eagle 14" x 11" with signature $50 Caribou 14" x 11" with signature $30 Sea Otter 10" x 8"...
  2. Memuxamune

    RH 50# Bear Montana longbow & accessories

    Hey friends, I have an excellent condish Bear Montana in black maple. The bow actually registers at 55# at 28". Its fantastic & has been shot off an on for a couple of months. It comes with stock Flemish dacron string, 3 feathered axis arrows in 400 spine (I believe they are 31" w/ 100 gr...
  3. The Heretic

    National  Petition to Recognize that the government does not "give citizens the right to bear arms."

    Recognize that the government does not "give citizens the right to bear arms." | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government The White House website section on the Constitution ( The Constitution | The White House ) instructs "The Second Amendment gives citizens the right to bear arms." This...
  4. The Heretic

    Man Attacked by Black Bear Kills It With an Axe

    This Man Was Attacked by a Black Bear. He Killed It with an Axe. The pics on the page are weird for some reason - if you right click on them and open in a new tab you get a poor res but somewhat discernable photo.
  5. C

    North Coast Black Bears

    Hey guys, have any of you out there successfully hunted back bear around the north coast (saddle mt, trask )? I hear a few people spotting some but most say they are ghost like or never get a shot at one. I was of the belief they're not there until this weekend when i spotted one half way up a...
  6. PistolHoarder

    Safariland M&P light bear holster

    Safariland paddle RH light bearing holster for TLR1 or TLR2 with Thumb retention release. Fits 4.25 m&p 9/40 or 9c/40c. Asking $60 standard shipping included. Paypal preferred payment.
  7. spoonhead

    WTB OTHER  Bear & Son or Bear Ops Butterfly Knife

    I'm looking for a decent balisong, butterfly, knife but nothing really high end like Benchmade. If you have something of decent quality let me know. I've dealt with others on here and can provide trade references if needed. Thanks
  8. Master17

    Spring Bear

    When do they post successful control spring bear hunts in OR?
  9. V

    Queen Size Bear Quilt

    Hunters Queen size quilt for sale 80" x 90 ": $ 250.00 includes shipping to CONUS My wife is a quilter and she has created this Queen Size Bear themed Quilt, 100 percent cotton, Long arm quilted across with Maple leaf themed pattern. Very warm .
  10. joken

    Momma Bear vs Male Bear

    Do you think you could stop this female bear with a handgun if she was charging down the hill at you? I'm pretty sure I could put some holes in her with my G40, but stopping her would likely be questionable.
  11. Nanavic97

    Bear creak arsenal .50 (12.7x42 )complete upper with bcg $349.99

    BCA AR-15 Complete Upper, 16” 4150 Parkerized Heavy Barrel, 12.7 x 42 Caliber (.50 Cal), Carbine Length Gas System, 1:20 Twist w/ 15” MLOK Rail
  12. CountryGent

    Firearms nomenclature, five year old style ....

    Earlier in the evening, after the family finally came home, the little girl was insistent, despite the cold, that we go "see stars". The better half talked me into it and, after bundling up, we hiked the hill a short ways to see said. I slung the Lupara because there are critters and it...
  13. BlackdogGS

    Fatal bear attack part II

    I tent camper this area in July. Woman, 10-month-old daughter killed by bear at remote Yukon cabin | CBC News
  14. ZigZagZeke

    Fatal Bear Attack Follow-up

    Apparently, the Glock was in Condition 3. The guide took off his chest holster and set it a short distance away with his pack. The client was apparently unfamiliar with its operation, and may have hit the magazine release, thinking it was the safety. You wear a chest holster in bear country...
  15. G

    bear creek bullets

    check out bear creek bullets. i have used them since 1991 no leading. best price and free shipping on orders over $130.00. they now have a web sight.
  16. djharteloo

    Thinking about a dedicated black bear rifle, thoughts?

    So I'm thinking about getting a rifle specifically for using for black bears only, why? because I want one :D I'm thinking of a larger then a 30 caliber, some kind of well proven action, shooting around a 200 grain bullet. .338 federal? 35 Remington? 35 Whelen? bolt gun? Lever? Single shot...
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