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  1. LuckySG

    Lord, Lead Me From Temptation, Specifically Noveske & Wilson Combat Receivers

    EDIT 6/19 13:00 - Everything Noveske has been spoken for. Cleaning up the ad to reflect what is available. I have three better than average stripped receiver sets from Wilson Combat, both Forged and Billet. Ready for someone other than me to start a new rifle or pistol build. The two forged...
  2. LuckySG

    Wilson Combat AR15 Billet Receiver Set $599.95

    The pretty set has finally arrived. Feels as good as it looks, unfortunately just one set on hand and waiting for more on back order. Wilson Combat AR Style Lower/Upper TRLOWUPPBIL | Lucky Sporting Goods, LLC As always when you pick up a receiver from me you get help with locating all the...

    Low Priced Parts Dump

    Located in downtown Eugene. Can ship on buyers dime. $60 or six PMAGS takes it all. Trade interests: PMAGS .22lr 5.56mm 9mm .45 ACP Please PM offers. Much obliged. Trigger Group (Removed from a Spikes ST-15) - $20 Traded Wilson Combat 1911 Magazine Lo-Profile Steel Base Pad (47BOX ) - $5...
  4. asme

    Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II: CCW-sized 1911 with factory laser grip

    For sale is a like new Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II. Never fired, never carried, never disassembled. Purchased several years ago, sat in a nightstand for a while, then put into storage. Highlights: 3-inch barrel Fixed sights Lightweight aluminum frame Integrated Crimson Trace lasergrip...
  5. Ranger Mac

    Brand New!! Wilson Combat 1911 Magazines brand new in package

    I have brands new Wilson Combat 1911 magazines. 7 round 47 model 45 ACP 28 each. I have 10 buy all for $250
  6. p38brawand

    Beretta 96 .40 S&W Police Gun

    This is a used Beretta 96 police gun with the normal wear on the finish. Comes with 2 mags. I also have a brand new factory Beretta 92FS Italy 9mm barrel that can be swapped in to the 96 frame that will be included! Asking $500 Firm I completely replaced the internal components listed below...
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