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  1. T

    What are we dealing with: Report is that Gov. Kate Brown is Gov. Jerry ...

    Brown of California's younger sister. This puts an entire anti-gun perspective into sharp focus; and helps understand the anti-gun movement in Oregon. Please pass on this information.
  2. N

    Oregon  Gun owners must unite to beat Kate Brown in November

    Country Gent pointed out in a comment the good 2A voting record of Knute Buehler. He voted in opposition to SB 941. NRA-ILA | Oregon: Thank the Legislators Who Fought to Protect Your Rights He voted in opposition to SB 719. The Voter's Self Defense System He's opposed to IP 43 and 44...
  3. 74bronco


    Anyone else seen this yet ?? If true we should be raising hell on all fronts !! <broken link removed>
  4. Joe Link

    Oregon  "Oregon Alliance for Gun Safety" announces legislative priorities in email to members

    Here's the list. Never heard of this "boyfriend" loophole, are we going to have to register our relationships now?
  5. Hawaiian

    Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has hauled in a $250,000 campaign contribution from New York billionaire Mich

    Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has hauled in a $250,000 campaign contribution from New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg Gov. Kate Brown nets $250,000 contribution from Michael Bloomberg
  6. nammac

    Gov. Brown writes op-ed urging Republicans to disavow Trump

    According to the KGW website: Oregon Governor Kate Brown has written an op-ed in the Huffington Post urging all Republicans to disavow Donald Trump, whom she referred to as a “reckless and volatile bigot.” “What used to be the party of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt – and Senator Mark...
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