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  1. bentoncity

    National  Bloomberg Gun Control Group Pours $4.4 Million into Battleground States in Final Weeks

    And again... from money with no compunction over violating your rights. Dan
  2. rdb241

    It's official. Turd Fergusen is a Bloomberg puppet

    I got this e-mail about an hour ago. Warning from Defense Distributed Blue States now Control ALL Firearms Data Ghost Gunner, You read that right. Judge Jones' order from Friday March 6th now confirms the control of all online firearms data is at the direction of the Mike...
  3. DB is Here

    National  FBI gun checks surge 30% amid Biden, Bloomberg gun grab threats
  4. nwslopoke

    National  Apologies to gun advocate Mike Bloomberg Or, maybe he's a lying airbag. Hey, I said air.
  5. ActionHero1980

    Bloomberg. This is ridiculous!

    Bloomberg seems angry. Says people that want to defend themselves are stupid. Compares shooting a deer with a semi auto to blowing it up with dynomite. Thinks 3 rounds is a good limit. Claims semi auto is full auto. Seems to thinks the 2A is about hunting. The guy that spends millions...
  6. Hueco

    National  Bloomburg Ad is misleading

    Just wanted to make sure that this news was spread far and wide. While the ad would lead you to believe that a young middle-schooler (or thereabouts) kid was gunned down in a tragic scenario...reality is something else. The "kid" was 20 years old when he died, having purposefully gone to a...
  7. DB is Here

    National  Bloomberg Unveils Super Bowl Ad Focusing On Gun Control Oh Joy.
  8. DLS

    A good look into the mind of Bloomberg
  9. arakboss

    Keep Being Honest Mr. Bloomberg, Don't Listen To Brady Folks
  10. fredball

    National  Bloomberg Says ‘We Can’t Let the Average American Have Guns’

    When you’re a kid, the bad guy on cartoons was always an overdone caricature. Once you grew up, you realized that real bad guys don’t usually tell you with a sneaky black top hat and a hunched over back that they’re the one to watch out for. But weasel-face Bloomberg doesn’t just look like the...
  11. Capin JRo

    Oregon  Bloomberg's coments

    Not aure I'd this has been shared yet but, this got me really riled up and I just wanted to share it with the community.
  12. ZigZagZeke

    Bloomberg and the Communist Chinese Government?

    It looks like Bloomberg might be the proverbial "Manchurian Candidate". Should we be investigating potential collusion?
  13. CountryGent

    National  Bloomberg says ending 'nationwide madness' of gun violence drives his White House bid

    Here's hoping this clown never gets anywhere near the White House: Bloomberg says ending 'nationwide madness' of gun violence drives his White House bid
  14. winterveil

    Oregon  Anti-2A billboard Ads are up

    I live in Southeast Portland. I was out running some errands today and noticed a billboard showing a sad looking kid and citing statistics about the number of kids killed or injured per day because of unlocked guns. Of course it plays on emotions and doesn't address causes or solutions, like...
  15. Joe Link

    Washington  Outgunned on I-1639, the NRA stokes fear and blames Bloomberg
  16. IOM

    National  Michael Bloomberg Donating 80 Million for Congressional Gun Control Candidates

    Proof that money can buy Gun Laws... Gun control proponent Michael Bloomberg is donating $80 million to Democrat candidates in hopes of flipping the House of Representatives to a pro-gun control position. He announced his intentions via Twitter: "Congress has failed, legislatively &...
  17. 9

    Would I-735 prevent Bloomberg from buying gun control in WA?

    If you look at how much money Bloomberg has spent on gun control in WA and other states, it's a lot more money than the NRA and other pro-gun groups have managed to raise in opposition. At this rate, we're easily going to end up losing a ton of ground very quickly unless something big changes...
  18. maddog

    Bloomberg had Curic cut pro-gun researchers 4 hours from her "documentary"

    Bloomberg Ordered Katie Couric to Cut Out Pro-Gun Researcher from Gun Doc by S.H. Blannelberry on August 25, 2016 Related Tags: Buzz, News, R2KBA Send to Kindle Katie Couric (Photo: Today Show) Did Michael Bloomberg order Katie Couric to remove pro-gun researcher John Lott Jr. from her...
  19. T

    Val Hoyle Receives big $$$ from Bloomberg for passing SB941

    I'm surprised no one else has picked up on this. Now we know why she suddenly helped to push so hard to get SB941 passed. Please be sure to share far and wide. Including sending to your local newspapers. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg Contributes $250,000 to Secretary of State...
  20. A

    Bloomberg and Class Warfare

    Here's my article reviewing a recent Bloomberg video...
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