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The Arisaka rifle (有坂銃 Arisaka-jū) is a family of Japanese military bolt-action service rifles, in production and use since approximately 1897, when it replaced the Murata rifle (村田銃 Murata-jū) family, until the end of World War II in 1945. The most common specimens include the Type 38 chambered for the 6.5×50mmSR Type 38 cartridge, and the Type 99 chambered for the 7.7×58mm Type 99 cartridge, which was comparably powerful to a modern .308 round. Many thousands of Type 99s and other Arisaka variants were brought to the United States by soldiers as war trophies during and after World War II.

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  1. UnionMillsNW

    Steinel Ammo Delayed 5 months?

    Hey Folks, This year I purchased a Japanese Arisaka in 7.7JAP from one of our fellow forum users. While all ammo is difficult to come by this past year the 7.7JAP has always been a bit of a unicorn. Steinel Ammo had 7.7JAP on backorder with a notice on their website saying there was a 3-4...
  2. UnionMillsNW

    WWII Enemies...Now Side By Side

    This week I picked up a Type 99 Arisaka from another fine member on this site. Here it is next to its former foe: the M1 Garand. This Arisaka was made in 1942....produced while my grandfather recovered in the hospital from wounds sustained at Pearl Harbor. This past week I've thought a lot...
  3. M

    Arisaka bolt and safety issue.

    Field stripped my type 38 rifle as per the instructions in the Skennerton handbook. Reassembled and the safety does not function properly in that it does not completely lock up the bolt. It did before I disassembled it and I followed all steps correctly. Now, when I engage the safety, I cannot...
  4. M

    Arisaka Parts

    I just bought a gem of a rifle. Its an Arisaka type 38 with every part present save for the dust cover and cleaning rod. The chrysanthemum stamp is intact and the only real flaws are surface rust on some of the steel parts, the bore is undamaged and the rifling is strong. My plan is to restore...
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