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The Arisaka rifle (有坂銃 Arisaka-jū) is a family of Japanese military bolt-action service rifles, in production and use since approximately 1897, when it replaced the Murata rifle (村田銃 Murata-jū) family, until the end of World War II in 1945. The most common specimens include the Type 38 chambered for the 6.5×50mmSR Type 38 cartridge, and the Type 99 chambered for the 7.7×58mm Type 99 cartridge, which was comparably powerful to a modern .308 round. Many thousands of Type 99s and other Arisaka variants were brought to the United States by soldiers as war trophies during and after World War II.

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  1. M

    Arisaka bolt and safety issue.

    Field stripped my type 38 rifle as per the instructions in the Skennerton handbook. Reassembled and the safety does not function properly in that it does not completely lock up the bolt. It did before I disassembled it and I followed all steps correctly. Now, when I engage the safety, I cannot...
  2. M

    Arisaka Parts

    I just bought a gem of a rifle. Its an Arisaka type 38 with every part present save for the dust cover and cleaning rod. The chrysanthemum stamp is intact and the only real flaws are surface rust on some of the steel parts, the bore is undamaged and the rifling is strong. My plan is to restore...
  3. D

    WTB OR  Arisaka type 99 handguard +

    Looking for a few T99 parts. Handguard for sure and the two opposing short screws for the bayonet band. May entertain others.
  4. B

    Pile of milsurps, carcano, arisaka, model 1917, enfield

    Selling my lot of 6 milsurps. I would prefer to keep the lot together or trade it all at once. The lot is as follows. 2 sporterized model 1917s, 1 British sporterized longbranch enfield, 1 Japanese type 38 arisaka, and two Italian carcano carbines, 1 of them is the rare folding bayonet model...
  5. J

    Type 38 Arisaka

    Type 38 Arisaka in rough shape, mechanically fine but the stock is beat, cracked, and ugly. The pictures make it look better than it is. I was going to restore this but haven't had the spare time or funds so its time to send it on to somebody else. asking $150
  6. pilotval

    WWII Type 99 Japanese Arisaka

    WWII Japanese Type 99 Arisaka rifle, has a chrome-lined barrel in 7.7 caliber. Rifle has a bayonet and leather sling included. I suspect the sling is a reproduction. No mum, great example of a Japanese warhorse. $350
  7. RVNvet

    Can for 7.7 Arisaka?

    I'm looking to buy a YHM .30 cal Resonator The Resonator®, .30 Cal. for several different rifles, including my Ruger 5.56 Ranch Rifle. My Arisaka is 7.7 mm, and I wonder if a .30 caliber can will work on it, since .30 cal converts to 7.62mm, and 7.7mm converts to 19/64th (about .3039)...very...
  8. D

    WTB OR  Arisaka parts 7.7 type 99 - Miscellaneous bits

    I inherited a type 99 and am trying to put it back together. Need lots of little bits/stock metal etc. Let me know what you got! Gun will be in BattleField PickUp guise so rough is fine.
  9. Gunnerboy

    WTS WA  T99 Arisaka

    1944 T99 7.7x58 Nagoya arsenal "last ditch" Arisaka, Clean bright bore, Good sound wood, Very clean nice last ditch rifle. 225$