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Japanese may refer to:
Something from or related to Japan, an island country in East Asia
Japanese language, spoken mainly in Japan
Japanese people, the ethnic group that identifies with Japan through culture or ancestry
Japanese diaspora, Japanese emigrants and their descendants around the world
Foreign-born Japanese, naturalized citizens of Japan

Japanese writing system, consisting of kanji and kana
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  1. Lennie

    Missouri couple discovers live World War II era Japanese bomb in their yard

  2. K

    How much is a WW II Japanese rifle with bayonet worth?

    I just heard about this forum today from a local gun dealer. He suggested I post this question here. I also have my dad's WW II memorabilia that I'd like to sell (Nazi helmet, some flags, propaganda books, medals, etc.
  3. Aero Denezol

    7.7x58 Japanese for the Type 99 Arisaka

    Does anybody know if 7.7x58 factory loaded ammo is available at a retailer in Salem/Portland/Eugene? It's expensive, and I'd rather not pay for shipping. I don't reload, and don't plan to. I already very lucky the boss lady lets me spend as much time as I do shooting.
  4. bearingman

    WWII Japanese helmet and bayonet -what's it worth?

    My Mother-in-law has a WWII bring back helmet and bayonet, and is preparing to leave her home, so she wants me to dispose of it for her. Any one have any idea what it may be worth? I don't want to e-bay it. Brought back by Robert Reid of Eugene OR USN 1945
  5. F

    Help with Japanese WW1 or WW2 rifle identification

    As the title says. I got this rifle from my grandfathers lakehouse prior to him selling it. He said the rifle was at the house when he bought the place in '67. Clearly from one of the world wars. All markings are intact with serial number. Obviously its beat to hell and missing parts. Im not...
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