Japanese may refer to:
Something from or related to Japan, an island country in East Asia
Japanese language, spoken mainly in Japan
Japanese people, the ethnic group that identifies with Japan through culture or ancestry
Japanese diaspora, Japanese emigrants and their descendants around the world
Foreign-born Japanese, naturalized citizens of Japan

Japanese writing system, consisting of kanji and kana
Japanese cuisine, the food and food culture of Japan

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  1. J

    Japanese Knife??

    I need help identifying this knife. I just got this knife from my dad who got it from his dad. My dad said that my grandpa told him it was a Japanese knife from a Japanese soldier. My grandpa was in the Navy during WW2. I tried doing a google search with a picture of the knife. No luck. There is...
  2. C

    What Caliber and Year Japanese Gun Do I Have

    Received a Japanese gun I believe World War 2 Vintage Individual past away was gifted to me Any info would be greatly appreciated Appears to be in Great shape
  3. ronin223

    anyone a japanese sword expert

    can anyone ID this sword and know the approximate value for insurance. not interested in selling been in the family a long time
  4. SamKlien

    1700s Japanese Tanegashima Musket questions

    Hey all, so yesterday I came into ownership of a early model Tanegashima musket from what seems to be the 1700s. The story from the guy all made sense and markings seem appropriate on the firearm. What I'm wondering is, how do I go about selling this thing? How on earth do I determine value? I...
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