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  1. Brownsalamander

    Would you carry a WW2 era 1911a1?

    I’ve got a Colt M45A1 that I’m considering taking the proceeds of once it sells, to get an original older colt/Remington/UMC etc. 1911a1. I’ve recently gotten a desire to get one for a few reasons. My main question, is would you ever carry one for day to day use, why or why not?
  2. Tank245

    WW2 Whermacht Officer's Dress Dagger.

    I have an original World War 2 Nazi German officer's dress dagger in excellent condition. I've had it verified by numerous collectors and experts and it's been compared side by side with certified originals with no discrepancies. An excellent dagger for any collector of world war 2 German...
  3. 41mag

    speaking of 'survival rig'......here's a WW2 entry from Harley

    ...who would have guessed 'tac' served in WW2? https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/chieftain/The_Chieftains_Hatch_Harley_2WD/ " It was considered a likely candidate to be assigned to mountain or airborne units, being, as it was, a nimble, lightweight, small little thing. It was officially known...
  4. Gotyoursix

    WW2 German KKW Gustoff-Werke .22 Trainer rifle

    These were used during the interwar years leading up to WW2 as a way for the German military to introduce firearm training through competitions to the German populace in preparation for the outbreak of WW2 hostilities. As WW2 loomed closer the German military commissioned that the rifles be made...
  5. A

    German k98

    Looking to buy an unsporterized k98 for a decent price doesnt have to be matching and battle damage is a plus as long as its german ww2.
  6. Rickplayer

    WW2 .30 Carbine Spam Can 800 Count Lake City

    Nice unopened can. I would consider trades of milsurps.
  7. B

    Huge milsurp collection for trade

    I am located near Tacoma, I am looking to make space in my collection due to an upcoming move and would like to trade away an instant collection of milsurps. I’m looking for something unique and would trade either multiple rifles or the entire collection for it. I like modern firearms or...
  8. Rickplayer

    Spam Can .30 Carbine ww2 800 Rounds

    1945 dated Winchester. $500 shipped spam can by Rickplayer posted Apr 18, 2019 at 9:19 PM
  9. SUPER X


    Looks like a battle field pick up has some chrome loss and there in some pitting and holes in the bottom of the sheath . Has the frog. there are no maker markings on it. $100.00
  10. tac

    WW2 re-enactment in UK - bunch of movies....

    Liveleak.com - WW2 vehicles at The Victory Show. Some VERY serious funds needed for this little lot!!!
  11. james83

    My fathers and Grandfathers British army ww2 and suez stuff

    deleted by request of relative.
  12. STUKA

    WTB OR  WW1/WW2 memorabilia

    I collect WW1 and WII stuff.. Hats,helmets,flags,guns,knives,photos,web gear,radio equipment,etc. Mainly into stuff from the US or Japan. You name it,I more than likely want it. Im always into US M1 helmets and Japanese helmets or swords. Let me know if you have anything laying around. I...
  13. N

    45 ACP ammo WW2 with moon clips??

    I picked up this ammo last weekend, it’s 45 acp. I believe it’s WW2 era, it’s headstamped EC 43 or ECS 43. 1 box is loaded on half moon clips, while the other 3 boxes are packed loose. Does this have any collector value or should I just shoot it up? It looks to have been someplace dry and clean...