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A Walther PDP Full size w/4.5" barrel. Out the door in under 15min after I said that I would take it. Gave the clerk my DL and Enhanced ID permit and he handed me the 4473 form to fill out. While I was filling out the form, he photo copied my DL and permit and went to get the gun's case. When he got back, he noted that my DL says Veteran and said that I get the Vetrans discount. The price was already lower than what they were going for on GunBroker. He completed the FFL's portion and took the form to another employee to have it backchecked. Took about a minute. We then walked to a cashier. The cashier, a young girl, said that this was one of the new ones and could she look at it. I said sure. She opened the case and smiled.
Got in my Gibbz G4 PDQ lower receiver finally. Haven’t figured which future build it’s for yet but it’s destined for one of em!


I bought a HiPoint in 9mm
If I'm going to blow up a gun working up reloads, let it be a HiPoint!

your going to be hard pressed to blow up a HiPoint, being a direct blow back gun rated for +p+


USPS delivered a .222 Remington barrel for my Contender yesterday and I paired it up with a 3X Lobo scope I bought from a member here.


Edited to add: Yep. The mount is on backwards. Had to flip it 180 degrees. LOL. Hey, I looked at some pictures of mounted ones on Ebay, and it was about half and half. I don't know about those other guys, but my Contender didn't want to close properly (or even stay closed) mounted like the picture.
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