Ordered one a these for my 700. Got it in two days:eek:. Turns out they make em over in Spokane. And some treats for Fred. Made with solar power they say:rolleyes:

A pound of Accurate #7, 250 Berry's 180 40 cal bullets, a box of 50 HPA 10mm.

Sportsman's out on 185th and hwy 26 has been getting more and more powder, bullets ammo, primers, etc. Everytime I go in I find a few more things that weren't there the last time. Checked out the new SR1911 cmdr in 9mm, trigger was o.k, I could see it getting pretty good. I was surprised how loose it was though, as soon as I picked it up I could feel the frame/slide gap. None of my 1911's are that loose. Probably shoots o.k., wasn't terribly impressed overall. Had the odd pleasure of shooting a Llama .22 mini 1911 the other day, kind of a POS but cute and fun at the same time. It never missed a beat and we were shooting out to 25 yds and hitting pop cans. So while at Sportsman's I fondled the Browning .22 mini 1911, I'd buy one at 1/2 the price but not @ $549 o_O

It was a good lunchtime browse.
Ordered a couple melonite bcgs, extended lever charging handles and some backup iron sights from delta team tactical last Thursday night and they were delivered yesterday morning. Finally checked my mailbox today and was happy to see everything there. :)

Update: they messed up...AGAIN. sent me the wrong extended latch charging handles. Ended up sending me the cheaper ones so once again another email sent to DTT....:mad:
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Not today but in the past month....

Game Reaper T/C Encore medium scope mount
Nikon Monarch 3 BDC scope 4-16x42
Tipton cleaning rod rack
3 more Bore Store silicon-treated rifle storage cases
Professional's Choice gun cleaning patches
Lasermax CF for the S&W Shield
Bushnell TRS-25 for the S&W 15-22
6 Magpul M3 5.56 40-round magazines
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB for the Shield
300 rds Winchester .22LR ammo
500 rds CI .22LR ammo
400 rds Federal 9mm ammo

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