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Sako or SAKO may refer to:
In computing:
SAKO (programming language), a Polish 1950s programming language.
In geography:
Sako Station, a railway station in Japan.
In industry:
SAKO, a Finnish firearm manufacturer.
People with the
Bakary Sako (born 1988), French-born Malian footballer.
Hygerta Sako, Albanian beauty pageant contestant.
Louis Raphael I Sako (born 1948), Iraqi cleric, head of the Chaldean Catholic Church
Masato Sako (1946–2003), Japanese actor.
Morike Sako (born 1981), French footballer.
Kenichi Sako (born 1970), Japanese basketball player.
Sevkaretsi Sako (1870–1908), Armenian revolutionary.
Tomohisa Sako (born 1991), a Japanese singer.
Yago Alonso-Fueyo Sako (born 1979), Côte d'Ivoire-born Equatoguinean footballer.
Yugo Sako (c.1928–2012), Japanese film maker.

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  1. Reacher

    Sako P94s Project

    I started this in the precision rimfire thread the thought it would be easier to share my updates in another thread My goal is to compete in a NRL22 match. This is the journey: Sako P94s 1. Shorten barrel to 18” & thread Thread purpose: 2. DIP 25MOA Rail 3. Athalon Midas Tac 6x24 APRS3 4...
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