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  1. The_Gunfather

    Shooting spots near Roslyn/Cle Elum?

    Hello all. Have a getaway this weekend and trying to find a place to set up some steel targets. Looking for a spot around Roslyn/Cle Elum, have heard about a couple spots out of Ellensburg that we can try out if needed. Thank you kindly!
  2. Beargoo666

    Free shooting areas southern Oregon.

    Anyone have any good spots to go shooting in southern oregon, that are free and open to the public?
  3. Kaaanged

    Walla Walla shooting spots

    Hi hi! Pretty new to this forum and I was just wondering if anyone know of any shooting spots available close to Walla Walla Wa? Group of friends are heading down to wine taste and I hoping to tag along to do some long range shooting but calling up fish and wildlife they are at a lost on a...
  4. W

    Shooting spots near Canby/Oregon City?

    Hey all, I'm new to the Canby/Oregon city area. CHL holder looking for outdoor spots to shoot nearby. Normally go to 36 pit but it's a bit of a trek from here. Any outdoor spots closer by? Thanks!
  5. colekpalmer

    Any good Eugene shooting spots?

    Just picked up my first shotgun and some ammo, and wanted to find a good secluded area to do some shooting near Eugene/Springfield. When I was learning how to shoot my uncle would take me just outside of Bend to BLM land and there were dozens of makeshift ranges amongst the Buttes that you could...
  6. P

    Any spots near Rainier Oregon/Longview WA?

    I hear shots all the time out here, but I've never been able to track down where from. There a good shooting spot near that anyone would recommend or is the range up by castle rock my best bet? Thanks!
  7. Squash_edc

    Good Shooting spots

    Does anyone have some good shooting spots that don’t require 4x4? Also what’s open right now with all the fire warnings?
  8. FriendOfEvanWilliams

    Good outdoor spots along HWY 30?

    Hello all, I just moved to a smaller town outside PDX along Highway 30, and I am looking for suggestions on a decent outdoor shooting area somewhere along HWY 30 between PDX and Astoria. Distances out to 100-300 yds would be nice, but not necessary as I just need a spot for plinking right now...
  9. M4 AR

    Any spots to shoot long range within 2hrs of pdx?

    Looking for a spot to shoot long range +400-1000. Hoping someone knows of a spot where I can setup some steel and shoot. I’m a tri-county member, but shooting steel is better than punching paper sometimes. ;) May be able to offer a finders fee if someone points me to a good spot. Thanks.
  10. P

    Who is ALREADY scouting for hunting spots and locations?

    I am having a lot down time recently at work. I find myself filling the time by scouring the Google Maps Satellite and Google Earth programs on my computer. Going back and forth between Google and the WDFW site maps. I am looking for more upland bird spots, myself. Anyways, anybody else...
  11. C

    Upland spots NW Oregon

    Hey everyone - Wife and I (and our griff) are looking to go out for some chukar/quail again and are wondering if there are any areas we should check out? Not looking for exact locations, just a ballpark area. I am more than okay with doing my own exploring/legwork. We went to this place a...
  12. JSTUCK624

    im looking for spots to shoot 600+ yards

    does anyone have some info they'd share to some spots to get out past 600 yards? i shoot at UNSC all the time but get bored shooting 540 all the time. PS im talking about washington state.
  13. M

    any spots near Pendleton?

    I'm in Pendleton for a few days for a wedding and was hoping to find a plinking spot not too far out. I don't have a whole lot of time to explore. Just some plinking with a Sig 522. Any heads up would be a big thanks!
  14. RicInOR

    New York: Guest Spots Live Stream Of "Firearms"

    4 Apprehended At Gramercy Park Hotel After Guest Spots Live Stream Of Firearms “I’m scared, of course I’m scared,” one woman said. I use the scare quotes cause, you know, it turned out, once the SWAT team forced the door, that they were toys/air soft/bb-guns. Gramercy Park Hotel runs about...
  15. M

    Old spot closed, need a new alternative plz

    Nvm please delete
  16. Fippy Darkpaw

    Camping/Shooting spots southern OR area.

    Have friends and family wanting to meet up somewhere that's equal driving for everyone. Is there any decent places to camp and shoot at in Southern Oregon. Grew up doing such in the Mojave desert and we are looking to restart the tradition.
  17. Mykael

    Shooting spots near Portland and the Coast

    Howdy all, I've recently made it a goal to spend more time outdoors with my fiance to reconnect with the world and relax from schoolwork. I need to know of some easily assessable fully legal shooting spots anywhere around Portland and Central-North of the Oregon coast (preferably around Astoria...
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