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BLM LLP is an insurance and dispute resolution law firm based in the United Kingdom and Ireland, rebranded from Berrymans Lace Mawer following the merger with HBM Sayers in May 2014.
BLM provides legal services in 50 areas of law, grouped into eleven key market sectors: brokers, construction and property, general insurance, healthcare, leisure and hospitality, Lloyds and London market, manufacturing, public sector, retail, TMT and transport and logistics.
BLM has 13 offices across the UK and Ireland: Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London (EC2), London (EC3), Manchester and Southampton. The firm has approximately 1,550 staff including 170 partners (as of 1 May 2014) and 630 lawyers and technical experts.

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  1. CantTouchThis

    Where art thou .kml BLM and public lands for Google Earth?

    I do not understand where OnX gets those nice overlays on their maps for Oregon and other states for that matter. I've been looking all over. All I could find was Hunting Access Map Which is very useful, but we can't mark spots on this without comparing it to google maps and marking it...
  2. Cogs

    Medford & Southern OR... Need help on BLM lands...

    @stascom started a thread about a proposed 2 year shooting closure, by BLM, in the Anderson Butte area. He provided a link to an organization who is upping that idea to shut down the whole area PERMANENTLY! @thereddog came along and offered to help counter offer a different proposal. We are...
  3. S

    Southern Oregon BLM closure of land to shooting.

    Applegate Enviro-marxist group is lobbying BLM to close down Anderson butte and Wagner butte areas above Talent, Phoenix, and Jacksonville to recreational shooting. This is their site: Anderson Butte Safety Project Screenshot of their post: Imgur Individuals behind it...
  4. colekpalmer

    Any good Eugene shooting spots?

    Just picked up my first shotgun and some ammo, and wanted to find a good secluded area to do some shooting near Eugene/Springfield. When I was learning how to shoot my uncle would take me just outside of Bend to BLM land and there were dozens of makeshift ranges amongst the Buttes that you could...
  5. L84Cabo

    Report: BLM Committed ‘Intrusive, Oppressive Militaristic Trespass’ Against Cliven Bundy

    I've only be loosely following the Bundy Ranch situation. However, if this report is accurate, it is both alarming and infuriating as yet another government agency has operated with total impunity and disregard for citizen's rights. And I'm betting nobody goes to jail over this...yet again...
  6. Heyjoe

    Bundy ranch trial: misconduct by blm

    Love them or hate them, if these allegations are true it sounds alot like they did what is right. Apologize for the sloppy link text as I'm not real savvy with tech. Also, it's on fakebook so you might need an account to view.... off-putting, i know but important nonetheless...
  7. G

    Remember Michael Brown?

    New video of the poor misunderstood child... New Michael Brown footage emerges - CNN Video
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