Southern Oregon is a region of the U.S. state of Oregon south of Lane County and generally west of the Cascade Range, excluding the southern Oregon Coast. Counties include Douglas, Jackson, Klamath, and Josephine. It includes the Southern Oregon American Viticultural Area, which consists of the Umpqua and Rogue River drainages. As of 2015, the population in the four counties is about 471,000, and in the greater, seven-county definition is about 564,000.

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  1. Beargoo666

    Free shooting areas southern Oregon.

    Anyone have any good spots to go shooting in southern oregon, that are free and open to the public?
  2. N2-Rob

    New from Southern Oregon

    Hello all. Found this site while stumbling through the web. Looks like a great resource.
  3. CountryGent

    Engraver in southern Oregon?

    Once I have the firearm back from the gunsmith, I am going to file an Form 1. During the wait on the federal friends, I'm planning on having the receiver engraved. The original plan was to remove said and mail it off to a company that specializes in NFA engraving. However, if there is a good...
  4. Tarawa86

    Southern Oregon: what is this 'Kratom' for sale everywhere?

    So I'm doing some customer visits in Grants Pass/Medford/White City and see these signs everywhere about kratom being available in little markets and stores. Apparently it's an Asian narcotic leaf? Are some people down here now the equivalent of SE Asian villagers chewing betel nut? Can anyone...
  5. S

    Greetings from Southern Oregon

    Hello Everyone, looks like a fine forum community here. 'Bout a year ago I moved back to Southern Oregon after a 23 year absence. The place kept calling to me over the years so here I am, back in the land of the Rogue River. Love the landscape and there's some really fine people here. But yikes...
  6. 147gr

    Shooting in Southern Oregon

    I live in Medford. I have owned a lot of handguns and a couple rifles. I used to have a Ruger Precision Rifle and i loved shootinf it at 100 yards and 600 yards. I recently sold it and got an AR10 in 6.5 creedmoor. I'm always looking for new areas to shoot, whether on BLM land, a range, or...
  7. mingus

    Saltwater fishing out of Southern Oregon

    I'm new to Southern Oregon, and want to try fishing my Boston Whaler from Brookings to Coos Bay for Salmon and Rockcod this year. I know coastal fishing, but nothing about this area. I figure I'll do some car-camping trips this Winter and get on a few charter boats, but it would be great to...
  8. S

    Southern Oregon BLM closure of land to shooting.

    Applegate Enviro-marxist group is lobbying BLM to close down Anderson butte and Wagner butte areas above Talent, Phoenix, and Jacksonville to recreational shooting. This is their site: Anderson Butte Safety Project Screenshot of their post: Imgur Individuals behind it...
  9. CountryGent

    Barrel Threading in Southern Oregon?

    So, I have had most of my barrels threaded, along with other work, by an out of state company called Saxonville Armory. I have a, relatively, inexpensive .22 that I would like to thread ½x28 for use with a silencer. As it is just that one gunsmith job and it is a plinker, I'd rather do so...
  10. CountryGent

    FFL/SOT in Southern Oregon?

    So, I am looking long and hard at a transferable Mac-10 machine-pistol. If said is purchased, it must be transferred to this state, and then to yours-truly. The FFL/SOT I used for most of my F4 NFA fun has closed up shop, and the one I used in Rogue River afterwards is a complete train-wreck...
  11. S

    S.O.S - Southern Oregon Shooter

    Could not think of a fitting title, so this is what I landed on. I recently joined here after watching the classifieds for a while. I had never really browsed through the rest of the site until now. I am 23 and married with a baby due any day now. I work a part time job, while running a small...
  12. 147gr

    1 on 1 mid-long range rifle in So Or

    I'm just looking for someone who I can meet up with who can help me gain some knowledge and experience in mid-long range rifle shooting. I can buy my own ammo but paying a bunch of money to attend a class a long ways away is out of the cards for me at this point in time. I live in Southern...
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