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  1. H

    Shooting spot near Astoria or Cape Disappointment

    Hey gals and guys. I'm looking for a shooting spot out by Astoria or Cape Disappointment. I'm located in Hillsboro but I have a buddy that I'm meeting up with over there. We want to go shooting but I'm not familiar with that area as far as shooting spots go. Any help would be greatly...
  2. PiratePast40

    Oregon  Astoria attempts preemption of state gun laws

    Astoria balks at ban on used gun sales at pawn shops City council woman has no idea what current state laws cover, but wants Astoria to put their own laws in place. Luckily, other council members refused to play, but I suspect that won't stop her from more restrictions. It'll be "for the...
  3. C

    The Astoria Maritime Museum...

    is going to accept my father's Boatswain's Whistle (manufactured ca. 1930) as a pre-WW2 US Naval artifact. His Underwater Demolition Team (Frogman)/Navy Rifle Team history will not die with me. He was also with Admiral Byrd during "Operation Highjump" in Antarctica (1946-1947). As well as his...
  4. B3dlam

    New to the forum from Astoria

    Someone linked to this site mentioning their classifieds in a facebook group figured I ought to join. I shoot a little of everything with a love of precision rifles.
  5. Mykael

    Shooting spots near Portland and the Coast

    Howdy all, I've recently made it a goal to spend more time outdoors with my fiance to reconnect with the world and relax from schoolwork. I need to know of some easily assessable fully legal shooting spots anywhere around Portland and Central-North of the Oregon coast (preferably around Astoria...
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