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22 mag

  1. J

    WTS OR  Volquartsen 22 mag

    Closed - SOLD Volquartsen 22 magnum rifle in excellent condition. Shot very little- 100 rounds would be a stretch. I didn’t think I’d be selling this but going for something else. All aspects of rifle are great- 16” carbon fiber barrel with flash suppressor, superior accuracy, light...
  2. J

    WTS OR  Izhmash biathalon toggle bolt 22 mag

    SOLD Well as you may have seen I had 3 - 22 magnum rifles for sale and I’m down to one - actually the best of the three. This is approximately a 3/4”or less at 50 yards rifle with me shooting off a simple front rest. It’s in excellent condition with a great trigger and less then 250 rounds...
  3. C

    WTS OR  Hornady 22 mag 30 gr v-max

    No longer have a .22 mag so need to sell. Both are unopened $15 for Both Thanks,
  4. Mitch W

    WTS/WTT WA  Taurus 941 Stainless .22 mag. revolver

    Hello, I have a Stainless Taurus 941. It's in very good condition. No scratches, no dings. Pretty well taken care of. Lock up is okay, it's a Taurus, not a S&W :) I've fired around 30 rounds through it since I purchased (used), with no issues. Its been sitting in the safe for a few years now...
  5. JCORD

    WTS OR  Ruger 22 mag rotary mags

  6. Aero Denezol

    WTS/WTT OR  Savage 64F semi-auto with Simmons 22 Mag 3-9x32 scope $99

    ***SPF 12/10/18*** PRICE DROP: $80 with scope OR $60 without scope. OR TRADE 180 rds. 7.62x51 brass case only 300 rds. 5.56x45 brass case only Used in very good condition, includes one (1) 10 round magazine, cable lock, instruction manual, and Simmons 22 Mag 3-9-x32 Scope (a $38 value). Note...
  7. Aero Denezol

    WTT OR  1 box/50 rounds CCI Maxi Mag 22 WMR (22 Mag) 40 Gr HP

    ****11/8/18 SPF**** New unopened box. I no longer have a need for these, would trade for any one (1) of the following: 1. 1 box .556x45 or .223, brass cased only 2. 1 box 50 rounds 9mm, brass or aluminum case 3. 1 box 20 rounds Tulammo or Wolf 7.62x54r 4. 100 rounds 22LR 5. 20 rounds .30-06...
  8. CRohde

    WTS OR  CZ455

    For sale: 22WMR Scope/Rings Leupold VX-2 (3-9X50). (1) factory magazine 450.00
  9. wafu76

    WTS OR  22 Mag

  10. I

    WTS OR  NIB PMR 30

    I have a NIB never fired Kel-Tec PMR 30 titanium finish $425 I have arranged to cover the transfer with my FFL If you cover the OSP $10 fee. Email is best Tim@countryman.co Tim 503.475.4173
  11. RangerEric

    WTT OTHER  AWB-era Glock 22 Mag

    Howdy all - I have an AWB-ban era LE/Govt Use branded 15-round .40 caliber Glock 22 mag. I would greatly prefer to have ambidextrous capability with all my G22 mags. Does one of these hold any nostalgic or other value to anyone, to the point that they would want to trade straight across for a...
  12. jplayz

    WTB OR  Ruger lcrx 22 mag 3"

    Been interested in one of these for awhile. So if anybody in the Portland greater area is willing to part with one, I'll take it. Keith's has them for $419.00 Thats abit steep..i'd be willing to pay $360. I have some potental trade options as well. Thanks!
  13. xtratoy

    Hornady 22 mag

    45 gr critical defense or 30 gr V-Max $9.99 BiMart
  14. coupeowner

    WTS OR  Ruger American Target 22 Mag Laminate 18" w/Nikon Prostaff

    Ruger American Rimfire Target 22 Mag Blued/Laminate 18" w/Nikon Prostaff 3-9X40 BDC Less than 100 rounds through her and in perfect condition. Threaded barrel and adjustable trigger. Nikon Prostaff 3-9x40mm scope w/BDC reticle mounted as low as she can go without touching the barrel. $440...
  15. BVB


    looking for a Henry 22 mag pump or the grandkids for the summer. thanks.
  16. jordanka16

    WTS OR  22 mag ammo

    Sold Selling off some extra .22 mag ammo. 850 rounds total, asking $150 for all.
  17. S

    WTS/WTT OR  Simmons 22 Mag Rimfire Scope 3-9x 32mm with Rings $15

    Works great and really is a serviceable scope for the money. I had it on a 10/22 for years and it worked great, but I upgraded my scope when I put a new barrel and stock on the 10/22. This one is silver and comes with some cheap, but usable rings. SOLD Cash would be great; but willing to trade...
  18. M

    WTT OR  22 mag for trade

    I have some 22 mag left over I would like to trade for 9mm, 44mag or 22lr. Thank you