22 mag

Marine Aviation Training Support Group 22 (MATSG-22) is a United States Marine Corps aviation training group that was originally established during World War II as Marine Aircraft Group 22 (MAG-22). Squadrons from MAG-22, were decimated at the Battle of Midway and after reconstituting fought during the Battle of Okinawa. The group was deactivated following the end of the war and were not reactivated until May 1, 2000 when the Marine Aviation Detachment at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas was renamed MATSG-22.

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  1. Spec.-K

    22 Mag and 22LR Brass Wanted

    Hi everyone. I've been wanting to experiment with turning 22 casings into brass jackets. I know many ranges pick up the discarded brass, and sell what can be reloaded, but I assume they just sell the 22 casings as scrap to the recyclers. Can anybody recommend what ranges I should contact to...
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