Lite-On (also known as LiteOn and LiteON) is a computer storage devices company of individual companies (primarily Taiwanese) that primarily manufacture consumer electronics, including LEDs, semiconductors, computer chassis, monitors, motherboards, DVD, and CD devices, and other electronic components. The Lite-On group also consists of some non-electronic companies like a finance arm and a cultural company.

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  1. T

    Recommendations for a Weatherby S2 270 caliber with a lite scope 4 x 12 or ???

    Prefer lite weight scope. Any ideas? Less than $600 is budget. Thanks.
  2. T

    Recommendations for lite weight hunting rifle for deer sized game...

    Like to find something less than 6 pounds. Any ideas?
  3. T

    Recommendations to restock Weatherby Vanguard S2 for lite weight and gunsmith...

    Any recommendations for a new stock for a 270 and 300 wm and a gunsmith that can make the rifle accurate for less than one minute of an angle? Thanks.
  4. Crazyeye24

    Thoughts on Tikka T3X Lite

    I have a bunch of Cabelas gift cards burning a hole in my pocket and am looking at getting a rifle for an upcoming pack in Elk hunt. Looking at all sorts of guns but I keep coming back to the Tikka t3X Lite in 300Winmag and am curious what those who own them say about them. I have my 270, 308...
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