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  1. ilikegunspdx

    If buying a house don't sign on dotted line until they have moved out

    This probably could happen in WA and OR with the anti-eviction laws. I could see either seller or a tenant squatting for as long as possible if buyer is not careful...
  2. FreedomPI

    Moved, Help!

    Anyone know of a site like ours for OK, AR, TX area? We are on the OK AR border kind of north between Fayetteville and Tulsa.
  3. D

    Sub-sonic ammo.

    I've moved to southern Oregon coast. Where can I find sub-sonic ammo?
  4. MJPB

    Oregon  Moved from CA to OR with legally purchased handgun

    When I lived in CA I legally purchased a handgun and brought it up with me when I moved to OR and just want to triple check that there was nothing for me to do when I moved here. I always want to make sure I follow the laws, and my understanding was (and still is) that there was nothing for me...
  5. Ss2fast

    Just moved to Portland Area

    Hey everyone, I just recently moved to the Portland area and have acquired my first few firearms. I have a passion for older metal framed firearms with wood on them, but also don't mind the more modern polymer firearms. I am interested in finding some good places to shoot for free and also...
  6. W

    Just moved, looking for shooting buddies around Columbia County

    Moved out of the Portland area (I wonder why) about a year ago to St Helens in Columbia County. Have a few shooting friends but none out here. Would be interested in sharing my toys and finding some good places to shoot and meet some like-minded people. I already joined the Rainier rod+gun club...
  7. Fez

    Moved to Kennewick, WA

    Hi folks, we moved out to Kennewick a few months back for a job and to get away from the Seattle-crazy. Once the COVID situation gets better it would be fantastic to meet up with folks out here and become part of the community. I'm a pistol reloader but hoping to learn about rifle and 12 gauge...
  8. M

    Hi, moved to Tillamook County from Denver

    Hey, looking for places to shoot and people to shoot with! I'm in Tillamook County by Garibaldi. Beautiful area
  9. SynapticSilence

    Moved Away but Staying in Touch

    Well, I’m now living 40 miles in the country outside of College Station, TX caretaking my father-in-law’s 500 acres but I’ll be checking in from time to time. This has and hopefully will continue to be one of the best firearms forums in the country and it’s been a pleasure to interact with all...
  10. mikemenzie

    Moved To Arizona

    Hey ya'll. I haven't posted a ton, but have definitely gotten some good advice and help from some of ya'll, and have enjoyed the community here. Unfortunately, I had a life change that forced a move to Arizona. If anyone has advice for a similar (though obviously not as good as this...
  11. spider

    Store Location Moved

    Hey just a heads up, visited this shops new location on 9555 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy Suite 100 Beaverton, OR 97005

    2 experienced hunter with good maner moved from SoCo looking for some Varmints control activities!

    Happy new year, I am happy to have my second new year and Christmas in this pretty evergreen land of freedom, dump the 10 rd mag and got the CPL! My great friend Tony and I are looking for some Varmints control activities! We heard a lot of story about Deer's and Elk's population declining due...
  13. WowReactsOnly

    Howdy from a Floridian moved to vancouver

    Hey ya'll, Im from Florida and moved up to the PNW 8 months ago. I love it up here especially all the public land open for target shooting. Currently I live in Vancouver but I was in Longview for a bit. Any cool things happening in my area anytime soon?
  14. clearconscience

    I moved away from portland to get away from this: 2 gang members arrested in Vanc

    Vancouver teen facing attempted murder charge in connection to gun crimes Police: Vancouver gang member arrested in connection to armed robbery This is what happens with gentrification, and forcing low income housing on nice areas. You get all the trash that follows.
  15. P

    Moved here from a not-free state.

    Slowly starting to stockpile items I've always wanted. Picked up a pair of Glocks a couple of months back and two stripped AR lowers the other week. I've now got a pile of AR parts waiting for me when I return home from overseas. If there is anyone in the Portland area that wants to teach a new...
  16. H

    The reason I moved away from Oregon

    New Oregon laws taking effect on Jan. 1 + about 10 other reasons.... We closed our business, and got out while the economy is still somewhat sane. We are happier, healthier, and wiser. If we did it so can others, cause the grass is greener on the other side. Where I live now, if you burn an...
  17. R_Shackleford

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. Just moved back to the land of my birth.

    About me: Third generation Oregonian. Originally from Eugene. I was living in California working in the wine industry until I couldn't stand it anymore (California... not the wine industry... which is awesome). Just accepted a new job in a new field and moved back last week. I shoot mostly...
  18. W

    Question on viewing moved threads

    Some threads show arrows indicating they have been moved. When I attempt to read them I get a message that I don't have permission to access them. Some titles look interesting so is there a way I can access them?
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