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  1. Chelo

    Just moved into the neighborhood looking to trade and pick brains!

    Young buck here new to the forum and new to WA. Purchased a home with a sinking foundation and a few other issues because ya know.. "It ain't too bad- I can fix it". I love WA and with the current legislature i'm just looking to dig out my crawl space enough to shimmy two storage containers...
  2. af306

    Just moved here

    I am a recent arrival, and moved here to be close to family. I'm loving OR so far. I have been a firearms owner for 12 years or so, and was active in buying and selling firearms and parts on my previous state's forum. I am looking forward to joining a club, hopefully without a long wait, and...
  3. ericbenesch

    New Member moved from Colorado

    The name is Eric. I’ve moved to Beaverton from Denver Colorado this past November. I’m former military and own a few rifles and pistols.
  4. J

    Why did I wait? Oh boo hoo!

    Hi all, I was wondering about measure 114 like most of us.. anyway I purchased a gun online had it shipped to a local FFL dealer, filled out background check an now waiting to hear back. My question is, will I still get the 30 rd clip that came with my gun if my bgc comes back after the 8th. Oh...
  5. ChrisWolf

    Just moved back to Hillsboro

    Hello, I was refered to this group from a friend at work. Moved back to Hillsboro a few years ago after 20 years. I hope everyone is Well.
  6. DasVas

    Moved to Missouri

    Finally got tired of Portland Oregon... Moved to Missouri. Does anyone know, is there something similar to northwest firearms in Missouri/Arkansas area?
  7. Devildogg06

    Northwest  Moved before i could take possession.

    So I purchased a stribog sp9a1 gen 2 from a private party at a ffl dealer in Central Oregon. Before my background check came back (still waiting for background check) my gf broke up with me so I moved back to Idaho. How do I get my weapon as I'm now an idaho resident? Thanks for any helpful info.
  8. cigars

    A Cut Above Pawn in Beaverton has moved...

    The world's best pawn shop and place to do transfers has changed their location. They have moved to the big green building across the parking lot. They have been open in the new space as of June 1st. However, the address change has apparently triggered an ATF review so they won't be able to...
  9. K

    I've moved to Idaho from Washington

    I've only been in Idaho a couple of weeks but I'm happy as hell to be here and out of the domain of King Inslee. I also went to my first Idaho gun show on Saturday, how refreshing. I hadn't been to any in Washington so I can't really compare but it was still enjoyable to just take in the freedom.
  10. Lennie

    Trafficking ring moved nearly 300 guns from Georgia to Philadelphia
  11. Lennie

    Dead Woman Dismembered, Buried in Backyard by Squatters Who Moved Into Her Home: Police
  12. SeanMobley

    Moved here from Alabama

    Hello all. My family and I moved to Cedar Mill from Alabama back in January. I found J&B Firearm Sales when I got here and have been doing a good bit of business with them.
  13. Walmartz

    Recentally moved from WA, transfer WA CCP to out-of-state

    Hey Everyone, I recently moved from Clark County, WA to Bonneville County, ID, I currently have my CCP for Clark County, WA and need to transfer it to be an out-of-state resident permit since I read you can apply or have a license in any county in the state of WA as an out of state resident...
  14. HighLine

    WE HAVE MOVED! 04/27/2021

    Good Afternoon everyone, We just wanted to let you know we have moved. We are no longer home based in Carlton. Come check out our new retail location in Newberg. 1095 S Industrial Pkwy Suite A Newberg, OR 97132 We are still working on setting things up and moving things around but we are open!
  15. ilikegunspdx

    If buying a house don't sign on dotted line until they have moved out

    This probably could happen in WA and OR with the anti-eviction laws. I could see either seller or a tenant squatting for as long as possible if buyer is not careful...
  16. FreedomPI

    Moved, Help!

    Anyone know of a site like ours for OK, AR, TX area? We are on the OK AR border kind of north between Fayetteville and Tulsa.
  17. D

    Sub-sonic ammo.

    I've moved to southern Oregon coast. Where can I find sub-sonic ammo?
  18. MJPB

    Oregon  Moved from CA to OR with legally purchased handgun

    When I lived in CA I legally purchased a handgun and brought it up with me when I moved to OR and just want to triple check that there was nothing for me to do when I moved here. I always want to make sure I follow the laws, and my understanding was (and still is) that there was nothing for me...
  19. Ss2fast

    Just moved to Portland Area

    Hey everyone, I just recently moved to the Portland area and have acquired my first few firearms. I have a passion for older metal framed firearms with wood on them, but also don't mind the more modern polymer firearms. I am interested in finding some good places to shoot for free and also...
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