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    Washington  Nervous Americans start panic buying GUNS as sales rocket across the country and long lines form outside hunting shops amid coronavirus fears

    California, New York and Washington saw gun sales surge due to coronavirus How many of these would-be buyers are tied up in red tape due to their own votes for anti-gun...
  2. E4mafia

    Sharing is caring!

    Got some Sportsmans discount codes for a set of guns I am not interested in. These are all one time use coupon codes you will have to use on their website Hunting, Shooting Sports, Fishing, Outdoor Gear | Sportsman's Warehouse First come first serve so have at it. Winchester SXP hybrid Turkey...
  3. Harperunner

    Crosman phantom & Vantage .177

    Crosman Phantom .177 Break Barrel airgun, minimal use. $60 Crosman vantage .177 Break Barrel airgun, good condition $60 Crosman zombie Target $10
  4. bonehead1963

    Looking for car trailer have guns to trade.

    Looking for car trailer have guns to trade. Let me know what you have and what your interested in in trade.
  5. RicInOR

    Other State  PD Chief Bought 64 Machine Guns

    <MASH reference> Was looking for an Incubator, but could only get a pizza oven using the standard form S1798. Village of 600. Docs: Addyston PD chief bought 64 machine guns, illegal rounds without village approval "LaCourse also purchased armor-piercing rounds that are illegal in the...
  6. D

    I'm Getting out of guns, reloading. Have $$ 1,000's worth of stuff.

    I'll show some pictures of the powder, bullets 22 caliber and 6MM bullets. How about $.07 cents a bullet. 3000 22 caliber for $200. About the same deal on 6mm bullets, Dillon CV- largest vibrate machine, 4 boxes match .223 ammo. $10 X 4, sold for $19 each retail.. Bring plenty of...
  7. R

    Other State  Transferring guns to my brother who lives in Oregon

    Hello all, I am traveling to Portland, OR in a couple of weeks to visit my brother who lives there. I am from California (Los Angeles) and own two long guns and a handgun which I want to give to my brother. I'll be driving to Oregon with the guns and want to know if I can transfer my guns over...
  8. CountryGent

    How to Import Guns into the US (Legally!)

    I have been curious for this for some time. I knew us 01FFLs could import on a limited basis, but wasn't sure on the legal mechanics. Anyway, just passing it along.
  9. F2CMaDMaXX

    Miniature machine guns

    Just a nice little Brownells video showing off about the only time i want to describe guns as cute :D
  10. bbbass

    National  Where do criminals really get their guns?

    This article lists a lot of opinions, and hardly any fact. Where do criminals really get their guns? A 2019 survey conducted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) found that some 43 percent of criminals had bought their firearms on the black market, 6 percent acquired them via theft, and 10...
  11. slimmer13

    Help with Dad's guns

    I inherited my father's guns, most of which are modern, but there are a few older ones that I grew up with, but know little about and need some love. None are particularly valuable, but they are all high quality. The sentimental value is priceless. He was a working man with working man's guns...
  12. Fieryotaku

    Anyone here also into nerdy stuff as well as guns IE DnD and talbletop Games?

    Curious if any of you guys are also into this stuff. And a table made by me and my father for tabletop games.
  13. 11Charlie

    Moving and the best way to transport your guns!!!

    As some of you may know the wife and I will be making a move to Arizona some time this year. Worst case will be in late October or early November. My biggest concern is moving my guns and reloading equipment. I am going to start packing things up now but want to know how you guys that have...
  14. P

    Guns and gear reviews

    Hey everyone, for the past couple of months I have been doing gun and gear reviews for a small blog and had a few questions. First of all, does anyone actually read gun blogs and reviews or do you all just watch YouTube? Second of all and mainly, what do you guys like seeing in a gun review? Fit...
  15. RicInOR

    Other State  CA- 'Ghost guns' investigation: Law enforcement seeing unserialized firearms on daily basis in SoCal

    Almost half of the firearms seen by the ATF in Los Angeles are 'ghost guns.' Well, what do you expect after you kill the guns?
  16. CountryGent

    Interview: Uli Wiegand of InterOrdnance on Importing Guns from Africa

    Looks like a batch of cool old guns coming in.
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