1. jim97701

    National  Spousal confiscation equals theft

    Be interesting to see where this goes. Woman fearing her husband arrested after trying to turn in his guns to police
  2. DB is Here

    Other State  SAF, Cal Guns sue California over age based gun sales

    Press Release: SAF, Cal Guns sue California over age based gun sales - The Gun Feed
  3. etrain16

    National  Anarchists and Guns

    I’m for the gun rights for all Americans. But the red flag goes up when I see ultra extremists asking their fellow extremists to arm themselves. "I’m a left-wing anarchist. Guns aren’t just for right-wingers."
  4. CountryGent

    The gun(s) you regretted selling?

    So, for reasons unknown, I'm getting the urge to do another purge of the collection. (Maybe it is a relocation soon or that we're looking at a PS90 for the sidekick or I'm just bored / wacky). There are a handful I'm looking long and hard at selling in the coming days. Which brings up the...
  5. M

    Blow Guns

    As a fun thing, anyone besides me interested? I'm looking at a Cold Steel .357 Magnum. At short distances they're deadly and vewy, vewy quiet, now stop talking while I sneak up this wabbit.

    Service Issues On New Guns Sold Overseas

    I'll try to keep this simple and clear. On another forum a UK owner of a US made rifle is having problems with it and while covered by the factory (lifetime) he says he cannot send it back and the importer says he only has a two year warranty on it. The MFG. website says, 'For repairs in all...
  7. cigars

    Ask Amy in Oregonlive on guns.... Supports fembot dad.

    I try not to read Oregonlive unless I really feel the need to have my eyes bleed. When they started carrying advice columns like Ask Amy I knew that it was just choir-preaching to hi-soy progressives. Ask Amy: Dad finds out daughter owns a gun and now wants her out of his house
  8. GlockFan1990

    Let’s see your go to home defense guns.

    I figured I’d start a thread on what people’s go to firearms are ether they be long guns or handguns. Mine is a 16” cold hammer forged ELW BCM upper on an Aero Precision lower with a Trijicon MRO with ADM QD mount. It has a Surefire M600 with cloud defensive tape switch mount and Radian ambi...
  9. Fieryotaku

    Post your custom guns!

    My Kriss Vector done up by Tactical Guardian
  10. DB is Here

    Other State  Survey: Most gun owners support sale of 'smart' guns but aren't likely to buy them

    Survey: Most gun owners support sale of 'smart' guns but aren't likely to buy them
  11. HighlandLofts


    Starting to list the Estate Guns. Transfers at Sound Loan & Pawn on Wetmore Ave Everett Wa or shipped on your dime. All guns are in great shape. Any questions of info please PM ME. 1st up a Glock 23 (3rd. Gen I believe) 40cal with TLR-1 Streamlight. $475 2nd up S&W Bodyguard with laser...
  12. safarisam

    Concealed Carry Holsters for Full Sized Guns

    Hey, everybody! I recently bought myself a Sig P226. Of course it isn’t the typical choice for a concealed carry gun, but I prioritize the qualities of a full sized all metal gun and am willing to overcome the difficulties of carrying it. I wanted to reach out and see if anyone has any...
  13. gmerkt

    WAC Show this weekend, some nice guns were seen

    This was a last hurrah before Wash. state laws and procedures change July 1st. It seemed to me that a lot of nice guns came out of the woodwork, with their owners thinking that it might be more difficult to sell after the change in the law. The new changes will cause headaches for...
  14. Kruel J

    Take away all the guns? No problem, they'll just use knives

    Man with knife attacks schoolgirls in Japan; 3 believed dead Evil will always find a way.
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