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  1. GOG

    Please help me find a muzzle device for an AR9 for my gal

    I ordered a PSA 8" 9mm pistol for my honey and being unfamiliar with PCC's need some help finding a good muzzle device. So far I'm mostly finding linear compensators that apparently move the sound and flash forward but don't seem to improve recoil or muzzle rise. (AFAIK) The thread is 1/2×28 and...
  2. FA9

    AR9 firing pin snapping

    Anybody else have problems breaking fp’s? I find it odd to snap a fp by dry fire, and this is my 2nd one. I mean I don’t just sit around dry firing, just the occasional click when clearing it.
  3. Knebel

    AR45 or AR9? Conversion kits?

    I am looking to build a pistol caliber AR. I already have my 80% frame laying around and have a pistol caliber upper receiver coming. It can be used for 9mm and 45. I really want to do one in 45ACP, however, I am uneducated on the mag inserts that go into the regular 556 frame. I see that the...
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