Hunters & Collectors are an Australian rock music band formed in 1981. Fronted by founding mainstay, singer-songwriter and guitarist Mark Seymour, they developed a blend of pub rock and art-funk. Other mainstays are John Archer on bass guitar, Doug Falconer on drums and percussion. Soon after forming they were joined by Jack Howard on trumpet and keyboards, Jeremy Smith on French horn, guitars and keyboards, and Michael Waters on trombone and keyboards. Also acknowledged as a founder was engineer and art designer Robert Miles. Joining in 1988, Barry Palmer, on lead guitar, remained until they disbanded in 1998. The group reformed in 2013 with the 1998 line-up.
Originally Hunters & Collectors were influenced by Krautrock and productions of Conny Plank, featuring strong percussive influences, noisy guitar, and driving bass lines. Their sound was in the vein of the Talking Heads album, Remain in Light (1980). Hunters & Collectors utilised Plank to produce two of their early albums, The Fireman's Curse (1983) and The Jaws of Life (1984), but neither charted into the Top 50 of the Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart. Their first Top 10 album, Human Frailty (1986), also featured their logo, a H & C symbol, where the "&" consists of twin snakes entwined around a hunting knife, a variation of a caduceus. Later Top 10 studio albums were Ghost Nation (1989), Cut (1992), and Demon Flower (1994). Their hit singles were "Talking to a Stranger" (1982), "Throw Your Arms Around Me" (1984), "Say Goodbye" (1986), "When the River Runs Dry" (1989), "True Tears of Joy" (1992), and "Holy Grail" (1993). They became one of the best live acts in Australia and according to musicologist, Ian McFarlane, their "great achievement was to lay bare human emotions in the intensely ritualistic milieu of the pub-rock gig".

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  1. D

    Any cartridge collectors in the house?

    I was digging through my rimfire ammo stash, and stumbled across something I forgot I had. It's a 175th Anniversary commemorative tin with 325 rds. of high velocity .22 LR in it. Nice looking collector's tin, Remington green, of course, and is also in the original box. BTW, their 175th...
  2. M

    Oregon Arms Collectors April 28th

    That time again for the Oregon Arms Collectors gun show at the old armory at the Portland Air Base! Best collectible arms show in Oregon! 7:00 a.m. to noon Sunday! $3 entry, and free parking. Non profit collector's group, with neat guns and accessories for sale or trade! Info here: Gun Shows
  3. BanjoGeek

    Willamette Valley Arms Collectors show March 16 & 17 Lane County Fairgrounds

    Willamette Valley Arms Collectors annual collectors show this week end March 16 & 17 at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene in the big main building. Free parking and lots of trade tables along with some first rate displays. A true collectors show with friendly collectors that are very...
  4. K

    Washington Arms Collectors This Weekend

    Yep, it that time of the year again and the Washington Arms Collectors Gunshow is being held in Puyallup at the Fairgrounds. Just talked to my Bride and she said it looks like it's going to be a well attended Gunshow in the Pavilion. We'll be in the upstairs with lots of our friends. Barney...
  5. M

    Oregon Arms Collectors Gun Show Feb. 24th

    OAC's February show will be the 24th, this Sunday. Still the best bargain around in gun shows at $3 entry, or free if you're a member. Free parking too!The show is mostly collector arms, and used firearms. No new firearms dealers, but a very nice little monthly NRA affiliated collector gun show...
  6. M

    Oregon Arms Collectors Show Dec. 16th

    Oregon Arms Collectors Show Sunday December 16th 7am-12 Noon Show theme is the Wonderful World of 22s Jackson Armory 6255 NE Cornfoot Rd. Portland Free Parking Show Admission is $3.00
  7. M

    Oregon Arms Collectors August 2-Day Gun Show

    Oregon Arms Collectors Gun Show August 11th & 12th Antique and Collectible Arms Show Saturday, Aug. 11th 9am - 5pm Sunday, Aug. 12th 9am - 3pm Airport Holiday Inn, 8439 NE Columbia Blvd. Portland, OR 200 Tables, Admission $8.00, Free Parking with Ticket Validation at Show OAC, established in...
  8. M

    Oregon Arms Collectors Show Sunday June 24th

    Oregon Arms Collectors’s Show Sunday June 24th 7:00 am to 12:00 noon Show theme is Military Arms & Accouterments $3.00 Admission, free parking Jackson Armory 6255 NE Cornfoot Rd., Portland
  9. Iceberg

    Any S&W collectors out there?

  10. M

    Oregon Arms Collectors Show - Sunday, May 27th 7 AM to 12 noon

    OregonArmsCollectors show Sunday, May 27th 7:00 - 12 noon Admission $3.00, free parking Jackson Armory 6255 Northeast Cornfoot Rd., Portland, OR Show Theme is “Things That Go Cut”
  11. BanjoGeek

    Willemette Valley Arms Collectors show March 17th & 18th

    This coming week end Saturday March 17th & Sunday March 18th at the Lane County Fairgrounds Events Center in Eugene will be the location of a genuine Gun Show with 230 tables of collections on display plus buy-sell-trade tables. Come and see firearms you won't normally see anywhere else. It is...
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