Flying may refer to:
The act or process of flight
Flying and gliding animals

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  1. ATCclears


    Anyone else remember the Vertibird? VertiBird - Wikipedia Here's the updated version for 2020: OK.....
  2. Hueco

    Flying with rifles - anything to know?

    The family and I are heading back to AZ for the holidays and I’m looking to bring some guns to have a range day with everyone. I’ve got a single rifle sized Pelican case that I can actually squeeze two rifles and two handguns into. I’m not traveling with ammo. Besides locking it up like Fort...
  3. tac

    B17G - 'Sally B' flying display at IWM Duxford this year's Flying Legends Airshow - Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, England. Enjoy! - B-17 display at Flying Legends 2018
  4. T

    Oregon  Portland International Airport bag handler accused of stealing guns from passenger's luggage

    Source: Portland International Airport bag handler accused of stealing guns from passengers’ luggage A 26-year-old man who worked as a baggage handler at Portland International Airport was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of stealing six guns checked in passengers' luggage. Deshawn A. Kelly is...
  5. etrain16

    Anyone Here Use TSA PreCheck?

    My brother has been using it for a while, I just applied for a trip I have to take in November. Sounds like it makes the process of getting through security at most airports much easier and faster (shoes stay on, belt stays on, no need to unpack laptops, etc. from your bag, shorter lines). I've...
  6. SA Shooter

    Flying The Mach Loop

    The "Mach Loop" is a flight test and training range in the UK in west-central Wales. Normally used by F15's, F16's, Tornados, Typhoons and all manner of fast movers, this video has a couple of surprises in it. Enjoy!
  7. ATCclears

    Lakewood, WA - ‘flying’ gun

    'Flying gun' gets lodged in bumper of passing car on I-5 <broken link removed>
  8. RicInOR

    Other State  ACLU Taking Our Side?!?!? Anyone see Pigs Flying ?

    California lawmakers vote to expand gun restraining orders — but ACLU says bill goes too far.
  9. L84Cabo

    Oh Snap! Flying Knee Knockout!

    This is brutal. Tywan Claxton in his debut fight. 1 minute and 29 seconds into the first round and he just destroys this guy. Story here... MMA Fighter Lands Knockout of the Year Contender in Pro Debut at Bellator 186
  10. ATCclears

    Everett, WA - Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum

    The museum is just North of Seattle in Everett, WA at Paine Field (same place as the Boeing factory which makes the 747, 767, 777, and 787). KPAE for the pilots here. I recommend a visit if you're in the area. They had their restored B-25J Mitchell out on...
  11. Dr Prepper

    anyone have experience with PSL and IOR LPS scope literally flying off?

    So got a new (to me) PSL came with scope, iron sights were on target, went to verify optic that came with it, cam lock seemed nice and snug definitely not loose but was fairly easy to lock. Took about 3-4 shots and it literally flew off about 2-3 feet. Luckily didnt break lenses. Took it off and...
  12. tac

    Indoor flying of A-10 Thunderbolts.....

    You are not going to believe your eyes here..... Gobsmacked, me. tac
  13. dustinm

    Flying with a gun.

    So my job recently took me to Texas for a week and since I have a Utah CCW I started researching how to legally fly with a handgun. Surprisingly it was super easy. I went to BiMart and purchased a locking hard sided case and a small ammo box. Placed the gun without a magazine in the case...
  14. Modeler

    Flying with a suppressor

    I'm flying to Alaska to go deer hunting next week, and I'd like to take my suppressor along. A quick Googling shows that I should be able to throw the suppressor in the case with my rifle and check it, but I was wondering if anyone here on the forum has ever flown out of Portland with a...
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