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  1. Terrylloyd


    DEREK ROUSSEU robbed me at gun point April 3rd from my car and stole my PSL In 7.62x54r SN: D-8844-76 RO! I have authorities on this, any information would be greatly appreciated. Here is a picture of the suspect and picture of my firearm and serial number.
  2. Dr Prepper

    anyone have experience with PSL and IOR LPS scope literally flying off?

    So got a new (to me) PSL came with scope, iron sights were on target, went to verify optic that came with it, cam lock seemed nice and snug definitely not loose but was fairly easy to lock. Took about 3-4 shots and it literally flew off about 2-3 feet. Luckily didnt break lenses. Took it off and...
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