1. greenpla

    Pro 2nd Amendment high schooler attacked by anti-gun protesters at gun control rally at Lincoln High School in Portland

    https://www.oregonlive.com/education/2023/04/portland-high-school-student-demonstrating-in-favor-of-2nd-amendment-injured-at-gun-violence-protest.html Anyone down to have a rally to support this student that was attacked and support the 2A? I'm in Portland and I would love to show up to support...
  2. Jcon268

    Oregon  "The Common Sense Gun Regulation Act of 2020" IP16 is the new IP43

    Word for word - IP43 is now back as IP16 http://egov.sos.state.or.us/elec/web_irr_search.record_detail?p_reference=20200016..LSCYYY.
  3. arakboss

    Oregon  Would FFL License Negate Restrictions in IP43 REDUX?

    Would FFL dealers be unburdened from most of restrictions that were proposed in IP43? Which restrictions would they have still been subject too? For example could FFL holders in Oregon still purchase firearms banned by IP43 and use them for personal use? Are the feds cracking down on kitchen...
  4. arakboss

    Oregon  Downside of IP43 not making it on ballot

    Don't get me wrong, I am a happy camper that IP43 is dead. But one downside might be that with IP43 missing from the ballot, it could temper voter turn out. I suppose it could affect turn out on both sides. Does anybody else share this concern? How can we replace that motivation to vote for the...
  5. arakboss

    Are Oregon Gun Shops Disappointed Over IP43 Death?

    I think it is pretty well recognized that near term threats of anti-gun laws are a big boon for guns and ammo sales. I am guessing that is why we didn't get much support from LGSs in the fight to defeat IP43. I would like to recognize Tick Licker Firearms in Salem for being a lone voice among...
  6. daiello91

    Oregon  IP 43 Dead, Dead, Dead

    The Supreme Court sent it back to the AG to correct the misleading caption (Assault Weapon language). Even if they did that today, we have 10 days to appeal (which has to pass before it can move forward). We win, game over (for now). Formal post from OOC coming...
  7. arakboss

    Oregon  Oregon Supreme Court Opinion on IP43 due today?

    Ceasefire Oregon had this update on their website: June 26, 2018: The Oregon Supreme Court announced it will issue an opinion on June 27.
  8. Joe Link

    Oregon  Class teaches volunteers to gather signatures for petition banning select firearms

    <broken link removed>
  9. cigars

    Oregon  IP43 Groupies Lurking

    Thanks to anonymous dude for passing this along to me. No big secret that the Anti-gun Proggies lurk here. Many of us are probably already famous but don't realize it. FWIW...
  10. Norwestr55

    Oregon  First Big Victory Against IP 43

    From the Oregon Outdoor Council and it could be YUGE! First Big Victory Against IP 43 | Oregon Outdoor Council Posted elsewhere, delete if need be.
  11. T

    Oregon  Update on IP43 signature gathering....

    ... Or "get free training on the initiative process and how/how-not to gather signatures!!" I would encourage people to attend. Not only to get involved or "listen" to the other side, but to learn what they are doing first hand. And what not to do (i.e. how to monitor signature gathers later...
  12. ZigZagZeke

    Oregon  Appeals Against IP43 Ballot Title to the Oregon Supreme Court

    If you filed a comment on the proposed ballot title for IP43 a few days ago, you now have standing to appeal the revised ballot title to the Oregon Supreme Court. I'm told that this will further delay signature gathering until the Oregon Supreme Court can deal with the appeals. The form for...
  13. SUPER X

    Oregon  IP43 Signature training locations ect

    Ceasefire Oregon PO Box 91155, Portland, Oregon 97291 (503) 451-3630 Dear Jim, The certified ballot title for IP 43 has been issued! The title is "Prohibits 'assault weapons' (defined), 'large capacity magazines' (defined), unless registered. Criminal penalties.” We are pleased with the...
  14. Defense Minister

    Oregon  OFF Will be Fighting IP43 - You Can Help!

    The Oregon Firearms Federation has vowed to fight the certified ballot title language of IP43 in the Oregon Supreme Court and you can help FOR FREE! It is all explained here, and they will be getting my annual $100 donation early this year. Please donate if you can!
  15. jordanlund

    Oregon  OR IP 43 Language Finalized

    As one of the folks who complained about the original language, I got sent the PDFs of the final approval: Copy/Pasta: 1162 Court Street NE, Salem, OR 97301-4096 Telephone: (503) 378-4402 Fax: (503) 378-6306 TTY: (800) 735-2900 www.doj.state.or.us DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE APPELLATE DIVISION...
  16. arakboss

    Oregon  Status of IP43, it disappeared from SOS search results?

    When I searched for IP43 this morning at SOS website it didn't bring up any results for IP 43. Anybody have the link to the status page for IP 43?
  17. Joe Link

    Oregon  Ceasefire Oregon, NRA agree assault weapons ban would bar nearly all semi-automatic sales

    <broken link removed>
  18. tourproto

    Oregon  Oregonian writes about opposition to 43

    surprisingly, the Oregonian/KGW actually wrote an article talking about the massive opposition to Initiative 43 Overwhelming objection to Oregon assault weapon ban ballot title
  19. N

    Oregon  IP43 - Crimes committed by IP43 sponsors? and other IP43 thoughts

    I think there may be a crime or ethics violation due to: 1 – Extreme leftist Ellen Rosenblum being involved in the ballot title process. 2 – Using the words “assault weapon” in the suggested ballot title; clearly a blatant lie to deceive voters. 3 – Tax exempt religious organizations involved...
  20. GlockFan1990

    Oregon  Gun Confiscation Ballot Measure Update

    Last evening at 5pm was the deadline for submitting comments on the ballot title for IP 43, the firearms confiscation measure. This measure would ban not only almost all modern firearms but could potentially even ban some lever action rifles. Anyone who commented has standing to challenge the...
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