Dogondoutchi Airport (ICAO: DRRC) is an airport serving Dogondoutchi, Niger. It is 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) east-northeast of the city centre.

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  1. reubadoob

    Electronic Target Hit Detection Device for Longrange Shooting ?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a device that does electronic target hit detection for longrange shooting I can use at Douglas Ridge Rifle Club (DRRC)? The club has some "rules" that make choosing a device to use a bit challenging. Additionally, standing in the pit and pulling targets when...
  2. Kimber Custom

    Mid-Range Rifle Clinic Thur/Fri May 16-17 @ DRRC

    Project Appleseed will be doing a Known Distance Clinic in Eagle Creek, OR May 16 & 17. $95 (plus $10 range fee for non-members) will get you 2 full days of rifle instruction. Our focus will be in the 100-400 yard range but we will be going back to 600 for data. You need a center fire rifle (AR...
  3. ron

    CMP Small Arms Firing School @ DRRC

    CMP and Army Marksmanship Unit are conducting the first Small Arms Firing School in the North West June 8 & 9. They furnish the rifles (AR-15) and ammo. They will set up and use electronic targets. These guys are the pros in High Power Competition...
  4. etrain16

    Douglas Ridge Closed Due to Fire

    Looks like there was a fire on the hillside at the upper pits (used for long range work) on Tuesday. Sounds like the fire dept thinks it may have been started due to shooting steel targets near some dry grass/brush. No hard answer yet. DRRC is closed to everyone through Friday and should be...
  5. Kimber Custom

    .22 Rimfire Challenge @ DRRC July 14th

    Believe it or not, it's time for our 3rd Rimfire Challenge of the year! July 14th we will have all the steel out, lunch will be served and awards will be handed out. Due to popular demand we will be adding a Top Senior (55+ years young) category. I've also been informed that if I go back to...
  6. Kimber Custom

    DRRC Christmas Party - This Saturday at 6p

    DRRC Christmas Party at Camp Withycombe is Saturday night. Good food, raffles, door prizes and friends. If you're a member, thinking about becoming a member or know a member, come on out. Christmas Party (Camp Withycombe)
  7. ron

    Garand Match Dec. 9 @ DRRC

    Last one for the year. They will loan you a M1 rifle, shooting matt and spotting scope. And sell you the ball ammo for the match. Usually lots of first time shooters. The experienced shooters help coach the new shooters. Nice friendly group.:) If you have never shot a M-1 or a Highpower...
  8. Kimber Custom

    2 Day Rifle Clinic Eagle Creek (DRRC), OR Oct 21 & 22

    Project Appleseed will be back at DRRC next weekend. Still quite a bit of room on the line. If you're looking for some fundamental rifle instruction this is a can't miss. $60 for adults, $20 for youth. You will need a rifle and about 400 rounds of ammunition. Supporting members of NWFA also...
  9. SnapShot

    Shot my first 3g today at DRRC !

    It was good times, thanks to the guys out there who made the experience fun. Hope to see you guys again next month.
  10. HuckleberryFun

    RSO Class at DRRC

    Ill be at tomorrow's all-day Range Safety Officer certification class at Douglas Ridge Rifle Club. When issued the coveted and stylish RSO vest I promise to be helpful and nice on the firing line, unless not nice is clearly called for. :mad:
  11. HuckleberryFun

    CMP Service Rifle @ DRRC

    I just got back from my second CMP Service Rifle match at Douglas Ridge Rifle Club. It was a 500 aggregate. This time I shot my own M1A rather than one of the Club Garands. I did a lot better this time: middle of the pack, placed 14th out of 22 shooters. Not bad for a newbie. I really liked...
  12. HuckleberryFun

    John Fields Memorial Highpower Match @ DRRC

    Last week, April 29-30, I took part in my first NRA Highpower match at Douglas Ridge Rifle Club. I was the only guy shooting .308 (reason for that?) and an M1A. It is an 800 two day aggregate shot at the standard 200/300/600 yards. Just shooting this one match was enough for me to get my...
  13. Kimber Custom

    2 Day Mid-Range Rifle Clinic Eagle Creek (DRRC), OR

    A week from Friday will be our Known Distance Clinic out at Douglas Ridge Rifle Club. If you haven't shot your rifle much past 100 yards, don't miss this opportunity. With 2 full days of long range we will build your come up table from 100-600 yards. You will see what your Battle Sight Zero is...
  14. rick benjamin

    Carbine 1 class at DRRC

    Monday 8:30 March 13 2017 540 Tactical is offering their Defensive Carbine-1 class at the reduced rate of only $200, net proceeds to benefit the Clackamas SWAT Medics Association. Bring lunch, drink, weather-appropriate clothing, sturdy closed-toe footware Servicable carbine with sling...
  15. HuckleberryFun

    Joining DRRC

    I filled out the application to join the Douglas Ridge Rifle Club and it's going out in tomorrow's mail. I can't make next week's Orientation, but will go to the 4 FEB 2017 one. They seem like good people there, and I'm really looking forward to having a home range with lots of activities going...
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