Douglas County School District Re. 1 is a school district that serves Douglas County, Colorado. The district was formed in 1958 by the consolidation of 17 smaller school districts, adding the "Re. 1" to its name to note the district's first reorganization.
In August 2019, the Arapahoe Community College Sturm Collaboration Campus at Castle Rock, Colorado has opened. This is a partnership with the district and Colorado State University. Classes at the new 43,000-square-foot facility at 4500 Limelight Ave. begins Aug. 19. Initial educational offerings will be in the areas of business and entrepreneurship, health care, cybersecurity and secure software, information technology/programming, general education and workforce training.

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  1. reubadoob

    Electronic Target Hit Detection Device for Longrange Shooting ?

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a device that does electronic target hit detection for longrange shooting I can use at Douglas Ridge Rifle Club (DRRC)? The club has some "rules" that make choosing a device to use a bit challenging. Additionally, standing in the pit and pulling targets when...
  2. GlockFan1990

    Douglas Ridge Rifle Club

    Going to Douglas Ridge with a friend tomorrow, I’m just curious if they allow M855 green tip ammo at their range?
  3. etrain16

    Douglas Ridge Closed Due to Fire

    Looks like there was a fire on the hillside at the upper pits (used for long range work) on Tuesday. Sounds like the fire dept thinks it may have been started due to shooting steel targets near some dry grass/brush. No hard answer yet. DRRC is closed to everyone through Friday and should be...
  4. J

    Douglas Ridge Rifle Club

    Just a note for any of you gents and ladies considering Douglas Ridge...I was a member for about 18 months and from the day I joined until the day several weeks ago when I demanded my dues and fees refunded I was met at every turn by surly and hopelessly unhelpful club officials. All the members...
  5. 6

    Douglas Ridge Precision Shooters?

    Hello All, Today I am very excited to say that I completed my orientation at Douglas Ridge Rifle Club and am now officially a new member. That being said I am also new to the area and don't know anyone. Thought I might reach out here and see if there are any groups that meet regularly for...
  6. Nicholi2789

    Douglas ridge rifle club?

    Hey fellas, I am a long time coastie (Newport) and have become spoiled with my local range. We have a Rifle range out to 550 yards with steel targets every 50, and a nice pistol range. I am however taking a job opportunity that will place me in Beaverton and shooting locations there seem...
  7. HuckleberryFun

    Joining DRRC

    I filled out the application to join the Douglas Ridge Rifle Club and it's going out in tomorrow's mail. I can't make next week's Orientation, but will go to the 4 FEB 2017 one. They seem like good people there, and I'm really looking forward to having a home range with lots of activities going...
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