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  1. T

    need advice on building rimfire backstop for home range

    Have some acreage and am wanting to build a backstop that wil STOP rimfire rounds at 25 yard sdistance. Thinking of uprights, then two by lumber in two layers, with sand or small grain gravel 9chipped, rather than round) to fill the space between. My question: HOW THICK does that gravel need...
  2. Kimber Custom

    Rimfire Challenge May 8th @DRRC is on!

    Clackamas County is under 'extreme risk' (of totalitarianism but I digress); however, outdoor activities, including outdoor dining - is allowed for up to 100 people. Match is on and pulled pork will be served. I also have .22 ammunition available for youth shooters at a cost of $14 per box. One...
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