A clinic (or outpatient clinic or ambulatory care clinic) is a healthcare facility that is primarily devoted to the care of outpatients. Clinics can be privately operated or publicly managed and funded, and typically cover the primary healthcare needs of populations in local communities, in contrast to larger hospitals which offer specialised treatments and admit inpatients for overnight stays. Most commonly, the word clinic in English refers to a general medical practice, run by one or several general practitioners, or a specialist clinic. Some clinics grow to be institutions as large as major hospitals, or become associated with a hospital or medical school, while retaining the name “clinic."

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  1. Kimber Custom

    Mid-Range Rifle Clinic Thur/Fri May 16-17 @ DRRC

    Project Appleseed will be doing a Known Distance Clinic in Eagle Creek, OR May 16 & 17. $95 (plus $10 range fee for non-members) will get you 2 full days of rifle instruction. Our focus will be in the 100-400 yard range but we will be going back to 600 for data. You need a center fire rifle (AR...
  2. ron

    Highpower Rifle Clinic Jan. 26 @ Estacada

    Want to learn to shoot an AR? Clinic matches are coached shooting for new shooters. They have rifles to loan and ammo for Juniors. Learn to shoot standing, sitting and prone. Carl Haggland is the contact person and State Director. Contact info on page 3. You can PM me any questions...
  3. Kimber Custom

    2 Day Rifle Clinic Eagle Creek (DRRC), OR Oct 21 & 22

    Project Appleseed will be back at DRRC next weekend. Still quite a bit of room on the line. If you're looking for some fundamental rifle instruction this is a can't miss. $60 for adults, $20 for youth. You will need a rifle and about 400 rounds of ammunition. Supporting members of NWFA also...
  4. Kimber Custom

    2 Day Mid-Range Rifle Clinic Eagle Creek (DRRC), OR

    A week from Friday will be our Known Distance Clinic out at Douglas Ridge Rifle Club. If you haven't shot your rifle much past 100 yards, don't miss this opportunity. With 2 full days of long range we will build your come up table from 100-600 yards. You will see what your Battle Sight Zero is...
  5. Kimber Custom

    2 Day Rifle Clinic Eatonville, WA Jan 28/29

    For all of you Seattle shooters - Upper Nisqually Sportsmen's Club will be hosting Project Appleseed on Jan 28th and 29th. Come learn the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship. Our 2 day clinics will give you everything you need to know to engage a 20" target out to 500 yards. Registration is...
  6. Kimber Custom

    2 Day Rifle Clinic Eagle Creek, OR Dec 10/11

    Our last 2 day rifle clinic of the year will be in Eagle Creek, OR (Douglas Ridge Rifle Club) Dec 10th & 11th. Come learn the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship. Steady Hold Factors for prone, sitting, kneeling & standing, 6 steps of firing a shot, Natural Point Of Aim, zeroing your rifle...
  7. Kimber Custom

    Women's Only Rifle Clinic Oct 29 & 30

    Chehalem Valley Sportsman Club will be hosting a Ladies Only Appleseed event. This will be the first Ladyseed in the metro area and only one of a handful in the Northwest. Janer (Jane Ross) is one of the chapter leaders for the Clackamas Well Armed Women group will be leading the event. She...
  8. Kimber Custom

    2 Day Rifle Clinics on the East Side

    Project Appleseed teaches fundamental rifle marksmanship. You will learn field shooting positions - standing, sitting, kneeling & prone. The 6 steps of firing a shot. How to zero your rifle and build your come up tables. How to build your Natural Point Of Aim. Everything you need to know to...
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