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  1. Sundance

    National  Gun control advocate David Chipman to be Biden’s nomination for BATFE director

    As bad as the EO could be for ghost guns/80% lowers, this could really mess things up: “David Chipman, President Joe Biden's planned nominee for director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, has a long history at the agency in gun control advocacy. “CNN article”...
  2. SunTzu

    Washington  Type 7 FFL, Insurance, Fees etc.

    Questions: 1: How much is liability insurance for a small Type 7 FFL selling a small number of parts (a few dozen at first) like adjustable gas blocks etc???? How much insurance should I carry? 2: Can I register the LLC after I get my FFL??? That way, if I don't get approved to have an...
  3. Lazyfaire

    How can a female runner arm herself against threats

    I have a female friend who is a marathoner and often runs on paths alongside roadways and bridges. We were talking today about her being aware of possible threats and the fact that she had recently taken a basic self-defense class. She is attractive and runs almost every day in her city, often...
  4. Lazyfaire

    How to better your chances w/ the BATFE

    Reduced Errors = Reduced Transfer Times What can you do to minimize your transfer time? According to the ATF, these are the top five form errors that lead to delays: Missing photos - Each RP must submit two passport-style photographs taken within the last 6 months and affixed to the...
  5. NoLimePlease

    Carrying NFA items across state lines

    Hello guys. I am curious about the real world application of the law regarding transportation of NFA items such as silencers and short barreled rifles across state lines. I have my stamps on both now, a silencer and a SBR. I live on the south end of the Glen Jackson, and my favorite place to go...
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