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Grab that Gun is a 2004 album by The Organ. It was the only full-length release from the band before they broke up. The first track Brother was featured on the show The L Word season 2 episode 2.

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  1. Sundance

    National  Gun control advocate David Chipman to be Biden’s nomination for BATFE director

    As bad as the EO could be for ghost guns/80% lowers, this could really mess things up: “David Chipman, President Joe Biden's planned nominee for director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, has a long history at the agency in gun control advocacy. “CNN article”...
  2. JavaDude

    Oregon  It's here - 2018 IP-44 Draft Ballot Title

    It’s time to challenge 2018 Initiative Petition #44 Draft Ballot. Secretary of State Elections Division oregonvotes.gov Contact: irrlistnotifier.sos@oregon.gov | 503-986-1518 | Toll Free 1-866-673-VOTE Initiative Petition The Elections Division received a draft ballot title from the...
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