Which rifle would you keep in this SHTF scenario?

Andy is secretly McGuiver. Kidding, very neato.

Most elucidating. I am reminded of the lyrical prose of the contemporary poet, Ice Cube:

"AK-47 is the tool​
Don't make me act the motherf*ckin fool​
Me you can go toe to toe, no maybe"​
Straight outta Portland!
Crazy soy lover named Anti-fool!
In a gang called hippies with attitude!


10/22 kills game nicely and easy to pack ammo. For me, .308 for the SOCOM and an AR for the wife. Maybe the Mini-14. It breaks into convenient pieces. Pistols would be a 9; a .45 acp; a .22lr. The bug out bags are in the rigs and in the front closet. Alternate locations and destinations are in place and all 6 kids know the plans. Living in the fault zone is something one needs to consider. I had an opportunity to read, assess, and comment on the Oregon Cascadian Subduction plan. Projected damage is chilling. Plan on chaos; no or damaged roads; no EMS; low or no water supplies in urban areas; roving bands of dangerous humans; contamination; out-of-control or over-reactive LE and National Guard. Avoid road-blocks. Carry binoculars. Flashlights; batteries; bic-type lighters, life-straws; ....whatever.... it was supposed to be which guns, right. Sorry. The response hub is in Redmond. If it would be possible we would bug in. If not, we would go as best we could. Physical limitations are as much a threat as anything else for us these days.
To all of those saying bug in, you may have missed the scenario exercise (you’re about to be homeless). Is your plan then to squat or defend even if the police come to evict?
I figured if I had no gas and couldn’t afford it (per the scenario), I’d have to big-in by default.


So very true...
I have owned several tomahawks but ended up giving them away....I like 'em and they work well for light chopping , the quartering of game and are fun to throw.
I'll get another one or three someday...:D

Here is my camp axe its a Hudson's Bay Pattern and the axe head dates from the 1920's , the handle is new made...
A made by me Osage Orange War club ...
And a original Pipe Tomahawk...the head is circa 1860 or 1870...the shaft is a reconstruction
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I dig the war club - nice job, there's just something about blunt force weapons that thrills me.
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My A1 retro ar15, as it is currently in the trunk. Just bought another 500 rounds of 62 grain ammo at walmart. Whatever handgun I happen to have at the time, either .40 or.45, a p229 or an fnp45. Should start packing the fnp in the trunk too, now that I think about it, 4 14 round mags and one 15. The 2 1911's I have are mostly for range fun, but in a pinch I would make do with them, the most accurate guns I own.
I think in ur scenario you need to define whether there is rule of law or not. Since u did not state it I would assume u mean there is rule of law and it’s more of a personal “I’m broke and the economy is in the toilet” scenario.

Economic depression with rule of law (ala us Great Depression of 29’) is a completely different scenario than without rule of law.
Like ilikegunspdx said, is there rule of law, or is it a breakdown in society and its lawless, everyone for themselves?

I assumed the latter ... lawless and everyone for themselves. My thoughts are basically self-defense ... I don't even like the thought of having to shoot anyone but to protect my family I would.

So, here we go.
I'd most likely bug-in ... If I couldn't get any more fuel I could only go about 250miles in my truck, then we would be stuck where ever we were. I'd rather be in my home. I'd have shelter and the ability to reload about 20K rounds of different ammo's plus the 20k or so that I've put back since "The Great ammo Shortage of 2012-2016" (although most of it is 22LR).

However if we must bug-out, I'd probably choose only my most reliable weapons that can be suppressed. They would also be the lightest since when the truck ran out of gas we'd have to carry what we could.

The AR I have the most faith is is my Stoner SR-15 in 223 and for that I also have an SR-15 uppers in 300Blackout and 22LR; also 7.62x39 and bolt.

Although, another seemingly good option would be an AK in 7.62x39 & Ruger 10-22, preferably the threaded barrel take-down model.

Same for pistols, these are threaded and can be fired suppressed or not
SiG TacOps 45, 9mm Glock 19, Ruger 22/45

I'd like to have a 308 but the only ones I have are DMR and heavy barrels therefor not too practical once the truck ran out of gas.

I figure with these, most any ammo I could scrounge I'd most likely have something to shoot it out of ... Once the truck ran out of gas I'd likely have to start leaving something behind ... no matter what it was I'm sure I'd regret it.

Probably the last to go would be the 10-22 and 22/45.

Maybe I'm putting too much thought into this ...
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My .54 caliber Hawken Rifle.
Its the rifle I shoot the best with....So if I gotta make that shot count...this is the rifle I go to.
But of COURSE, Andy-- We would have expected no less and would have been disappointed had you chosen otherwise! Very nice looking rifle there.. Did you build it?
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In a true SHTF scenario i will keep two weapons
1. Keltec SU22-C
- 4# unloaded
- 26rd mag that can be loaded through the folding stock
- suppressable

2. Crossbow
- arrows are reuseable
- silent (mostly)
It would be a difficult choice... I HAVE survived with just my Weaver-scoped .22 Mossberg bolt rifle, underbarrel tube fed, one I've had since age 12. It will kill a white tail if shot at close range in the head. While there is a Ruger10/22 in the stable, I don't trust it like I do that old Mossie.
I would very much consider taking a Colt M4gery, even tho the barrel isnt the best among AR barrels...
My T.C. .54 flintlock would be another useful rifle, as would an 870 with it's multiple barrels. A lot would depend on my situation. Keeping a .357 S&W revolver would also be on the table, or some other hand(y)gun, maybe a .22.
Again it all depends on the parameters of my situation- simple poverty, personal health, WROL conditions, being evaced to Bronco stadium- we know the drill ala Katrina... So many choices!
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