So here I am down with the flu.
Had a fever yesterday , stayed home from school...been laid up since then.
Body aches...sweats...chills...chest racking coughs that hurt from the small of the back upwards...fatigue ...can't really sleep....

I have medicine here for the flu...been taking it and herbal tea...lots of "rest" in my easy chair and the like.
And while I am no longer in my fighting trim of my LRRP days...I ain't no slug either.

Which got me wondering....
What if S of whatever kind were to hit the fan...?
I don't like being a burden or easy the need to take extra "flu stuff" along if I gotta leave....
Not to forget to mention...if I am on foot ...I wouldn't make it very far or fast....driving...well I could...but fuzzy thinking at the best of times can lead to an accident..etc...

And while the likelihood of SHTF , this weekend is low , when I am down with the does give one pause to think.

Happy Veterans Day Andy, thanks for your service!!

Now go kick that flu's arse...
Ha..thank you.

Workin' on far the flu has infiltrated by means of a night drop....then made a flanking movement....
I am just glad that it didn't make it to my rear echelon....:eek: :D
Last Edited:
No rona or evil spirits here be gone !

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