On a series note, not that there isn’t truly some truth to my last posts. If you have allergies. Get an epipen. Having had one injected into my leg before, for an allergic reaction. I went from boarder line dead, to instantaneously wired and aware/awake.

If you need to do something when you’re in your absolute worse, stick one of those in your legs. You’d be able to run a short length of a marathon after.

That aftermath isn’t pleasant, as is any stimulant I imagine. That’s not really the point though. It’s to get you up and aware for long enough to get you and your family safe. Then perhaps you can spend better time recovering away from the threat or danger.

My kid just brought home some nasty bug before Thanksgiving. He and I were basically dead to the world over the last week and a half. This thread hits close to home. I do fear sickness in a bad situation. I’m worthless when I’m sick.

It’s also a wise choice to look into Fish Antibiotics, as well as doing some research to which of them works best for what and dosages.

Another thing to consider is potency and time. Some medicine naturally breaks down over time or the chemical composition changes. Some manufacturers place additives to their medicines so that they will expire as well.

Nothing like a few days stuck in bed to rethink a few things right?
and the old ones retain a substantial amount of efficacy after the exp date. CDC or NIH did a study on that recently.
So here I am down with the flu.
Had a fever yesterday , stayed home from school...been laid up since then.
Body aches...sweats...chills...chest racking coughs that hurt from the small of the back upwards...fatigue ...can't really sleep....

I have medicine here for the flu...been taking it and herbal tea...lots of "rest" in my easy chair and the like.
And while I am no longer in my fighting trim of my LRRP days...I ain't no slug either.

Which got me wondering....
What if S of whatever kind were to hit the fan...?
I don't like being a burden or easy the need to take extra "flu stuff" along if I gotta leave....
Not to forget to mention...if I am on foot ...I wouldn't make it very far or fast....driving...well I could...but fuzzy thinking at the best of times can lead to an accident..etc...

And while the likelihood of SHTF , this weekend is low , when I am down with the does give one pause to think.
Another good argument for keeping your immunizations up to date

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