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My Trash Panda is still in NFA jail pending, check cashed 9/12.

I have to look, but I think my check was cashed for my SBS six weeks ago, and they haven't cashed my check yet for my TB .338 SR Ultra. I don't expect to see those latter two until 2022 with my luck.
Reno, have you taken a look at the CGS-Hydra AL in that same price point as the Sparrow?
No, I’m not the biggest fan of aluminum cans. The sparrow is all steel construction. With a sleeved monocore. Should last forever! For $300 that’sa solid deal.

Only aluminum can I’ve got is a form 1. Is a knock off of the erector by Q and is very quiet, but I worry about the aluminums ability to last over the years. Thankfully the blast chamber and first baffle, like the erector, are stainless steel.
@Reno I have a DA Mask also and for only a $100 more than the Sparrow, I would buy another over a Sparrow any day and twice on Sunday. I also have a Q El Camino and EA Nyx mod 2. The DA Mask is my favorite rifle rimfire can and the EA Nyx mod 2 is my favorite pistol rimfire can. I did just put a CGS Hyrdra AL in jail though as I am slowly getting dedicated cans for everything and it would be a great economical solution for a couple rimfire pistols. If I don't like the Hydra AL I will pick up more EA Nyx's and DA Masks. The Q El Camino is a nice can but has the worst first round pop of all the rimfire cans I have shot which isn't to many but disappointing none the less.
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