1. BZawlocki

    Washington  Tax Stamp for Braced B&T APC45Pro

    I have recently added a brace to my B&T ACP45Pro. As far as I can tell, this configuration is in the grey area for requiring a Tax Stamp. In your opinion should I just go ahead and apply for the Tax Stamp now or wait for the ATF definition change of SBR? My thought is to go ahead now but...
  2. Knobgoblin

    5.56 head stamp ID

    Just a quick shout for help in identifying these rounds. NATO and 2015 seems pretty obvious.
  3. wired

    Filed for a new stamp today

    My dealer called me freaking out telling me he couldnt transfer this to me because its an SBR. I told him to go ahead open the stock up. Polish Radom factory rebuilt PPS43C in 9mm closed bolt semi.
  4. wired

    New 45 SBR thingy

    45 ACP CMMG Rotary Delay Grease gun lower.. Couldnt find a short barrel so I had to chop and thread a 16" barrel. 30 days on the stamp.
  5. Phred

    M1 Carbine Ammo Head Stamp I.D.

    I will be gratefully surprised if someone can I.D. this head stamp. I looked on the web but I didn't come up with anything. I have Carbine ammo from the forties to the present, But I have been unsuccessful in finding the origin of this box. Even if you don't know, perhaps you know of a list or...
  6. rangerstx4

    Flintlock stamp identification

    I’ve got this little gem when my grandpa passed away. Closest I can find in google is that it’s possibly Persian/ India? Any input is appreciated.
  7. Gas

    Tax stamp got declined because of a credit card company.

    This is a rant, I am beside myself. Been waiting 3 months now for my suppressor. Finally got all the paperwork in and the first thing that happened was Capitol One declined my $200 charge to the mother bubblegumin ATF!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Who declines a federal agency????? I am beside...
  8. oldcorpgunny

    The $200 Federal Tax Stamp

    I see this subject come up periodically and thought that I would write a short dissertation on the subject. First let me state that the following is my opinion only and should not be considered legal advice. In 1934 The Federal firearms Act came into being. Most of America was still agrarian and...
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