1. HKL26

    AR15 SBR info needed - barrel length changes after stamp swapping with a larger length and back.

    So I am SBR stamping a lower w/10.5" upper, can I use a 16" upper on it and swap back the the 10.5" without an issue? Sounds like a dumb question but the rules the ATF runs on are not consistent. What are the minuses of having a SBR stamp?
  2. wired

    My free stamp gun

    300 BO M85 with AKSU length forend , adjustable gas block . I used a Hungarian stock as I like the drop a little ebetter than the Yugo variety. Took 64 days file to email. I have some unique guns but this is the uniqueiest.
  3. washagonian

    What is this 9mm case head stamp?

    Came across this headstamp in a batch of 9mm range brass. Can someone help me identify it?
  4. Mikej

    New scam for people with FREE food stamp cards....

    Wifey happened to catch a scum bag lazy bastard scamming with his Oregon Trail card. What happens is you have a normal working person with their own money at a self checkout taking care of his groceries. Scammer watches, and when the shopper is done scanning everything and ready to pay, scammer...
  5. Helocat

    B&T SPR300 - Bolt action two stamp - SBR with over the barrel huge suppressor 300BLK.

    I have had this now for just under two years. Posting this up since this model was talked about in a WTB ad, this is NOT for sale so posting in the Bolt section. The waiting game: Took me about 2 years to find an available SPR300. Well actually I was allowed to pre-order it when B&T USA...
  6. BZawlocki

    Washington  Tax Stamp for Braced B&T APC45Pro

    I have recently added a brace to my B&T ACP45Pro. As far as I can tell, this configuration is in the grey area for requiring a Tax Stamp. In your opinion should I just go ahead and apply for the Tax Stamp now or wait for the ATF definition change of SBR? My thought is to go ahead now but...
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