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This is NOT a "How to".

Bringing down the Elec Grid.
What happened?

Aloha, Mark

PS....then, this one was NOT the result of gunfire.

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The only attacks on the power grid that are real is the deliberate elimination of coal fired, natural gas and hydro-electric generating facilities. That is all propagated by the "Green" movement. As far as the unreliability of solar and wind power generation, that is a given. The so called "investments" that our government is making in the green sector are just ways for our money to be funneled to the rich and powerful. Wealthy investors get on board with green energy projects because they know that they will get a slice of the pie when it comes to government grants / loans / handouts. So what if the company goes bankrupt, it's wasted government money, not theirs. Russia isn't the only country with "Oligarchs". Ford Motor Company was just given (not loaned) around a billion dollars by the Department of Energy (not by Congress, and not by a vote) to build EV battery plants. Lee Iacocca didn't ask for that much in loans to save Chrysler (and Chrysler paid back every penny). Tax paying citizens get stuck holding the bag.

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