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I get non-ethanol gas at Petrocard. I am a cardlock customer, and they also deliver to my "farm" tank. After they bought out the local dealer that I bought through, they quit offering regular grade, and only offer premium. I'm nut sure if there is any real cost difference. I use it for chain saws, blowers, and small engines. I run a couple of old Ford tractors, but they will run on anything!
We have it generally easy at the homestead.
Still have power, spectrum down for 2 days, up now.
Vehicles are gassed up, and have 50 gallons of treated gasoline for the genny.
Already had essential food items, like cigarettes, beer and coffee 🤪

Outside of home, it's a mess. Many of the gas stations are out of gas, still have diesel & propane for the time being.
Everyone has power locally.
Stores have noticeable holes on the shelves like they did during covid.
Hospital I work at has had 2 supply deliveries in 9 days, where it's usually 1 truckload a day. Warehouse is in Wilsonville and McMinnville. So they've been iced in for a while now.
Hope it's over soon. Some people turn into grade-A azzholes in times of trouble.
Power got restored today. We had a total of 7 days of power, phone and internet outage.

The lineman were a big help. I let them know Wednesday my feed to the house was pulled down as they went by surveying damage along the road. I talked with another lineman repairing the lines yesterday about it and he walk to the house and pulled my meter so I could inspect the cables. My weather head was broke and the cable insulation cut through. My neighbor stopped by and we headed to town to get new cables and parts.

As we finished installing the meter cables, the tree cutters came by to trim the branches on my oak that was partially destroyed and took out the lines along the road. I told them the tree was trashed and if they cut off a couple more limbs I could drop it away from the lines. They said they would take half the tree down to below the level of the lines for me. That was great, I now have no risk dropping the rest they left up.

The first lineman came back in the afternoon and restored the drop to my house. He was in the area and remember I talked with him about it a few days ago. That was awsome of him because I may have had to wait longer if he did not come.

I have a section of livestock fence to fix and all repairs from the storm will be complete. I still have several large trees and branches to clean up but that can wait until dryer weather.
The sound of generators hammering away all night long has been replaced by the sounds of chainsaws dawn to dusk. I used my bow saw to cut someones Arborvitae out of the road as my good deed for the day. Today I'll finally unload my truck from the gun show and clean up the tree branches in my yard.
I was trying to quote @Pepe-lepew telling about having power back, but I fouled it all up

A while back we were without power for 9 days and can relate to your week of power outage. That is more than enough of a "test" of a back up plan, if you ask me!
Had it going off and on last Saturday. Lost it on Thurs night for a few hours. Power is back on, but there's a live line drooping about 2 feet off the ground nearby. Power company is too busy to deal with it since it's still working.

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