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Thompson may refer to:

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  1. The Heretic

    Ok, top this. Uranium, whiskey, rattlesnake, stolen car and a gun...

    Couple arrested for driving stolen car filled with uranium, a rattlesnake and whiskey: "There's quite a few unanswered questions"
  2. cowgirlkaboom

    Thompson Contender Barrel in .45 ACP and others

    I'm looking for a Contender barrels in .45 ACP and possibly other calibers other than 9mm, 10mm, .44 and .45 Colt. Rifle or pistol. Thanks!
  3. Pluto42

    Vintage Thompson Center Lobo 3X Pistol Scope

    TC Lobo 3X pistol scope with mount. Glass is perfect. No dents, scope covers. Perfect for Thompson Center collectors. No box. $50 Shipping on your dime.
  4. F

    Thompson center 6.5

    Selling my Thompson center in 6.5 Creedmoor. 50rds down the pipe. Factory 5r threaded barrel and 1 5rd Magazine Will come with cheap bipod and cheap amazon sniper scope $300 firm
  5. orygun

    Thompson Center 50 $325

    Gun looks like it was never finished as the barrel is in the white, but has a lot of light rust from handprints and poor storage. No ramrod. The set trigger is extremely light. So light that I won't even bother trying to test the pull with my gauge! I pulled the barrel out of the stock and it's...
  6. D

    Thompson Center Contender barrels

    20” .225 Winchester barrel after market. Good bore and crown but some discoloration on bluing like it got stored with blood on it in a few places. No sights. This barrel is marked Bullberry Las Vegas NV. 10” .45 colt (not .45/.410) OEM with factory sights perfect condition. $175/ea Pix to follow
  7. UnionMillsNW

    Any Experience With the M1 Thompson?

    Hey Folks, Since I was a little kid my favorite firearm has been the M1 Thompson. I loved watching the old WWII movies and, having a degree in History, I also like the historical aspect of the Thompson. I've always wanted one but am not the type of person to buy something "just because" So...
  8. D

    Thompson Center Compass NIB .243

    Thompson Center Compass .243 New in box, has not been fired. Price drop to OBO $300 One box of ammo included. No trades. Need cash.
  9. P

    Thompson Center Contender

    Thompson Center Contender--45Colt/410 barrel in excellent condition. DOSKOCIL padded case, gun lock and some 45/410 ammo (as seen in the case) included. $500.00 I am a 76 yo guy with terminal cancer and am liquidating---so, no trades--sorry. I am sure you will understand. Also, buyer is...
  10. Cheecho42

    1970's Thompson Center .45 Hawken Rifle $450

    Up for sale is a 70's era (1970's) Thompson Center Hawken Rifle. I honestly don't know much about it. Stock and fittings are Thompson Center. Brand of the barrel is unknown as there are no distinguishing marks except for a circle on the underside and a "G" stamped near the muzzle. The barrel has...
  11. CountryGent

    Thompson SMG Evolution

    Forgotten Weapons has a really neat-o series on the evolution of the Thompson submachine-gun. Just passing it along for those that might enjoy.