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threaded barrel

  1. FullMetalJerk

    Storm Lake M&P40 Threaded Barrel

    Storm Lake Match Grade 4.95" M&P40 Full Size barrel 416R stainless steel with black isonite finish 9/16"x24 threads with thread protector. New in the box. $105 shipped
  2. N

    Savage 116 Weather Warrior

    Savage 116 weather warrior in 30-06 with accutrigger and 22in stainless barrel that has been threaded and recrowned by a professional gunsmith. It will include a custom matching muzzle break as well as a thread protector. The gun is in a Houge overmold stock and also includes burris 1in rings...
  3. cityrice

    Silencerco Glock 17 threaded barrel with thread protector.

    Looking to trade my G17 threaded barrel for some factory 9mm, will work with Gen3 and Gen4. PM me with what ya got. Thanks,
  4. O

    Complete G19 suppressor upper

    I have a complete unfired gen 3 G19 upper with threaded barrel and fast fire 3 reddot
  5. P

    Glock 20 Gen 4 10mm threaded barrel/SS recoil spring

    Glock 20 gen 4 10mm Parts. Double diamond threaded golden barrel! Minor wear from the points of contact where barrel hits slide. 9/10 condition. Stainless steal golden guide rod. 10/10 condition. (I definently felt a different from this and the factory one, a lot better recoil control) Both...
  6. CountryGent

    Threaded barrel for M1911A1?

    I'm thinking of running a my full-sized, M1911A1 suppressed for the giggles. Any recommendations on a threaded barrel? Thanks.
  7. nk02442

    New T/C Compass 6.5CM 22" Threaded Barrel

    I have a new, never fired TC Compass in 6.5CM. Exactly as you see posted. Will sell for $275 Cash or trade. Have a bunch of other guns and accessories for trade/sale as well. Cash + or -. Interested in: 40/45 Cal guns Aimpoints/Eotechs MP5 Mags HK33/93 Mags 6.5CM Ammo 6.5G Ammo 5.56 Match...
  8. V

    Sig P220tb scorpion elite .45acp, has SRT trigger and threaded barrel

    I am looking to trade my like new Sig P220tb scorpion elite .45acp. Near perfect, fired less than 100 rounds. Has SRT trigger and Threaded Barrel. just trying to consolidate calibers. Looking to trade for carbine in 9mm or possibly a nice 9mm hand gun. Ideas; FNX tactical HK's 3-gun setup...
  9. Andy

    P99 9mm threaded barrel

    I'm looking for a P99 threaded barrel in 9mm. I found a source online (Jarvis), but I want to see what my options are. Have one? Used is ok!
  10. Nwcid

    LWD G34 Threaded Barrel

    Looking to sell my Lone Wolf threaded G34 barrel. I have had it for many years, but only has about 250rd though it. I am replacing the slide with an aftermarket one and will be getting a matching barrel to go with it so I have no use for this one. This did not come with a thread protector...
  11. S

    Voodoo innovations Glock 17 threaded barrel $110

    I have a a Voodoo Innovations Glock 17 threaded barrel and thread protector for sale/trade. In good shape, maybe 250 rounds through it These go for 199 on optics planet and are currently out of stock. I also have a TiN ARC Sparc single port comp I would sell/trade. Looking for afde red dot...
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