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  1. CountryGent

    Reck revolvers?

    So a forum friend send me a link to a Reck Model R18 in .30 Carbine. Interesting as I still have a bunch of said fodder left over from experimentation with a AO M1. Looks like this: But I never heard of this firm. I know "Reck" is a fairly common surname in German and I am presuming the...
  2. CountryGent

    Reoccurring silenced lever-gun idea ....

    So, I go through various thoughts on projects. Some don't survive longer than "Oh, how about ..." stage, while others linger on, and some come to fruition. One I cannot get out of my head is a light, short, silenced, lever-action in .38 Special/.357 Magnum. I've already got a 9㎜ silencer that...
  3. ORYGUNHolsterCompany

    Easter pew pew, from a different perspective.

    Working on some shooting drills on this fine Easter morning. Made it out by sunup and had the whole place to myself. Shot for 2 hours and didn't even have a single car go by. On my way out I passed 3 trucks heading in, good timing for me. Set up a couple steel targets at about 15 and 35...
  4. jsparks747

    Build Thread  What do I need?

    After seeing some of the AR builds on here I thought it would be fun to build one for my dad. What else would I need other than a lower receiver, stock, trigger and grip, barrel, carrier group, and fore grip. I am just looking for the bare necessities to make a working, somewhat esthetically...
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