The 3-inch gun M1918 was a United States 3-inch anti-aircraft gun that entered service in 1918 and served until it was largely superseded by the 3-inch anti-aircraft gun M3 in 1930, though the M1918 remained with some National Guard units until early in World War II. The M3 was subsequently replaced by the M1 90mm AA gun early in World War II, primarily during 1942. The M3 3" gun was later adapted for the anti-tank role, serving as the main armament of the M10 tank destroyer during World War II.

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    Ultimate 3in Revolver Showdown:Dance With The Devil

    A close friend of mine in a conversation said to me, the 3inch revolver is the absolute best fighting revolver ever made no matter the brand. I told him let's get our hands on as many 3in revolvers as we possibly can to test his theory. 3in revolvers do seem to be some of the most sought after...
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