The FN 509 is a polymer frame striker-fired semi-automatic pistol manufactured in Columbia, South Carolina, by FN America, a division of FN Herstal. It is chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum featuring double-action operation and a Picatinny rail located forward of the trigger guard. Tactical, midsize, and compact variants have also been made available.

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  1. throneofbeards

    criminal who killed a home owner gets glock foot.

    Story: https://www.thedailybeast.com/death-of-jacqueline-avant-wife-of-clarence-avant-in-beverly-hills-home-not-a-random-attack-police-say Glad they caught the perp but the story reveals why Glock is the most returned handgun in America. Not safe that even a criminal in the act of committing a...
  2. peteNW503

    Keith’s sporting good Splurge

    Hello all, On Thursday and Friday I go to Keith’s sporting goods. Reasonable prices ammo and great gun selection. Got a new job recently, so In the past two weeks I did a little splurging thought I’d share my experience. A week ago I was thinking man I really need a .22LR pistol! I have 9mm...
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