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    S&W model 27 refinish

    This is a Smith & Wesson model 27 from the early 70's, some previous owner engraved their driver's license number on the gun, in two also had some holster wear and mild rust pitting...I removed the graffiti and polished it up, then reblued it. Before and after pics: Blog...
  2. mkwerx

    SBR - refinish after engraving or leave it plain?

    At some point this year, after this stupidity from the covid passes and things normalize, I want to form 1 my AR pistol to an SBR, one of the things I'm wondering - how many of you guys who have been there, done that, have your lower refinished (anodized or paint on finish) vs leaving the...

    Dan Wesson model 15 refinish

    Another project This one is a Dan Wesson model 15 with two extra barrels, all were frosty with rust and some minor pitting Before and after pictures Blog Posts showing the process

    Hi-Standard HD Military Refinish

    another month another project. This one is a Hi-Standard HD Military pistol before and after pics Blog posts
  5. Tony617

    Starting to refinish my Romanian AK-47 stock set

    I was wondering does the cleaning kit spring come out in the AK-47 buttstock? I tried gently but it does no budge.
  6. flybynyt

    Build Thread  Need Recommendation For rifle refinish.

    Old, pump.22 that I would like to have re-blued. Vancouver, PDX, area. Gave a shout out to Velzey, but not sure if he does, hot bluing. Thank you....
  7. PaulB47

    Marlin 39M - refinish, or leave it alone?

    I have a 39M in very good shape, however the "buttpad" does not line up perfectly with the stock, and I don't care much for the thick "Mar-shield" finish, and I was even thinking of thinning down the fore end a little. On the other hand, it is easier to do nothing than to do something. :)...
  8. Hun Shooter

    Duracoat Refinish

    I had this AMD65 clone that was built by shop in Boise ID about 12 years ago. The gun shot well but I hated how it was finished. Every component had a different finish making the gun look like a POS :) I decided to give Duracoat a try in HK black and this is how it turned out:
  9. C

    First thread: Ishapore 2A1 Cerakote?

    Well, I guess I get the first thread... funny. So, I've got this 1960's Ishapore 2A1 7.62 NATO rifle. For those who don't know, it's essentially just an Indian-made Lee Enfield. Anyways, when I bough it, it had this nasty black paint (I think lead-based) that was flaking off of the metal all on...
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