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Bluing may refer to:
Bluing (fabric), blue dye used to improve the appearance of fabrics
Bluing (hair), blue dye used to improve the appearance of hair
Mrs. Stewart's Bluing, brand of fabric and hair bluing
Bluing (steel), passivation process in which steel is partially protected against rust
"bluing" of machine parts to check for tolerances, see engineer's blue

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  1. Art_Vandelay

    Hot-Bluing in Oregon?

    Hey All: Sorry if this is in the wrong section and if a thread already exists about this, but I have an M92 SBR and some other guns I'd like to get hot blued. Are there any in the PDX area that you guys would recommend? Thanks!
  2. alphapygmy

    Tikka T3x bluing durability

    Looking at a new Tikka Hunter and curious from people who have one how the bluing stands up to rain and snow. I've had new blued Savages rust in the rain in hours. My current blued Browning A-bolt II has been fantastic with just minor care after years of rain, snow, and falling in the dirt. I...
  3. Knebel

    bluing for stainless?

    Hey, I've got a 1911 with a stainless frame and steel slide. I've been messing around with different finishes (i first nickelplated the whole thing but i am too oce for that with fingerprints) Then i used flat black engine enamel. Looks quite good but dosent even hold up handling. I now have...
  4. tortoise

    Local Rebluing & Advice

    So I have this S&W Walther PPK I got as a gift for Christmas, and while I'm very excited to affordably own my "Bond" gun, it did come from the PO with some pitting purportedly from his mother who never used it just letting it sit around. Internally there was NO lubrication in this gun when I...
  5. bolus

    Touch up bluing

    Thought I would share a good product I've found for doing some touch up bluing on steel. Using Birchwood casey perma blue paste. Quite easy to use for small jobs. Just degrease the metal (I use a small cloth and acetone). The paste goes on with a small cotton patch, rub in for 30 seconds...
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