Recon may refer to:
Reconnaissance, a military term for gathering information
Halo 3: Recon, a standalone expansion for the video game Halo 3
"Recon", the eighth episode of the sixth season of Lost
Recon, a role-playing game wherein players assume the role of U.S. military characters during the Vietnam War
Recon, a short film by Breck Eisner, starring Peter Gabriel
Recon Instruments, a technology company specializing in GPS and head-mounted displays
Re-Con, stage name of UK dance music producer Mike Di Scala
River, Estuary and Coastal Observing Network, a waterway observing system in North America
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, a series of tactical shooter video games
Recon CS-6, a 2006 Nerf blaster released under the N-Strike series, Recon Vildmark is a Swedish company that sells quality equipment for outdoor activities, hunting and uniformed professions, such as for military use.

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