Spotting may refer to:
Aircraft spotting
Bus spotting
Car spotting
Train spotting
Spots (cannabis), a method of smoking cannabis
Physical activities:
Spotting (climbing)
Spotting (dance technique), a technique used by dancers to maintain control while executing turns
Spotting (weight training)
Artillery spotting or bombardment spotting, observing the result of artillery or shell fire and providing corrective targeting data to the firer
Spotting (photography)
Spotting (filmography), the process of determining the location of the musical score of a film
Car spotting (disambiguation)
Metrorrhagia, vaginal bleeding that is not synchronized with a menstrual period

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  1. LMT10mm

    Spotting scope Tripod

    Hey guys, Curious about what tripods y’all are running for your spotting scopes? I recently picked up the 11-33 vortex. It’s a monster in a tiny package... interested to see what y’all recommend espically for a small spotting scope.
  2. P7M13

    Spotting Scope Review - Pentax PF-80ED 20-60x80

    I've been looking at spotting scopes for about 6 months now, because my Simmons is a POS, my Vortex 10x binoculars aren't terribly useful past 50 yards for .223 holes, and my rifle scope magnifications don't cut it past 100 (even on the VX7L or Mark 4). I have a WiFi Camera system that is just a...
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