A bipod is an attachment for either a photographical device or a weapon that creates a steady plane for whatever it may be attached. It provides significant stability along two axes of motion (side-to-side, and up-and-down). The concept for a bipod dates back to pre-20th century times, and is still used today by agencies such as NASA.
Bipod comes from the Latin and Greek roots bi and pod, meaning "two" and "foot, or feet" respectively.

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  1. Benelli1776

    Build Thread  Bipod Recommendations

    Been looking at Accu-Tac bipods for pic mount (BR-4 G2 and SR-5 G2). What is your experience with them? Good or bad. Altas looks, but I’m looking for the best. My application is plinking/ target shooting. Edit: Backstory. I am a complete noob to bipods and this thread shows it. You will see...
  2. ilikegunspdx

    Sandbags vs bipod vs tripod stability

    Looking for opinions/thoughts on stabilization methods for target shooting. I have always just used this type of sandbags and wondering if either tripod or bipod might be more stable or not (have not used them for guns, only cameras). Don't want to lug around a lead sled (and don't want to buy...
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